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With email marketing automation, personalizing your customer’s buying journey has never been easier. Marketing automation can be multi-faceted unlocking an endless array of automated functions. The cornerstone of marketing automation is the ability to create email and operational drip sequences.

Drip sequences can also be described as “automation flows”, “drip campaigns”, or simply, “flows”. Developing an automation flow involves the setup of specific “triggers” that must occur to fire an automated “action”. Stay with me, we’ll dive a little deeper in a moment.

No oWhy is marketing automation useful?

An email drip sequence is one example of an automation flow, which enables companies and marketing teams to connect with customers on a more intimate level with the power of personalization. The busy world of social media and online marketing has made it ever more challenging for businesses to truly connect with customers and understand their needs.

One area of marketing automation that we assist our clients with, takes the form of a specialized email marketing service. A key component of our custom solution is leveraging website tracking capabilities to enable email marketing automation. By monitoring customer website activity, you now have a way of knowing exactly who your most motivated buyers are and which specific products they’ve shown the most interest in.

Why do I want to know what my customers are doing on my website?

Imagine… If you welcomed a customer to your brick-and-mortar store. You can easily tell what they need, based on the aisle or shopping rack that they gravitate toward. Even if they were window shopping, you would ask “can I help you find something”, in order to personalize a “solution” or try to assist them the best you can.

With thousands (maybe millions!) of anonymous website visitors, you don’t have the luxury of simply striking up a conversation. However, with marketing automation, you can anonymously track page or product visits and record these interactions against a customer profile.

Our email marketing service can help you tag, segment or even assign points (via lead scoring) to specific shoppers based on their breadth and frequency of engagements on your website. Now let’s back up the bus to email drip sequences…

For businesses ready to take their marketing to the next level, this form of modern marketing can help you welcome, tailor and personalize the customer buying journey all without even a click a button.

By setting triggers, for example:

“Visit to x or y product page” or “Number of page visits” (monitored via tracking code)

Our system can fire an action for example:

“Assign x number of points” or “Add category tag” based on product preference.

What the above flow has just enabled, is for you to automatically segment your audience and even tailor your next email promotion based on customer’s product preference or readiness to buy (multiple repeat visits typically indicate a ready-to-buy scenario).

Along with the finesse and impact of personalization, marketing automation has the potential to significantly improve business operations and help build customer loyalty. McKinsey & Company recently reported “Early adopters of sales and marketing automation consistently report increases in customer-facing time, higher customer satisfaction and efficiency improvements of 10 to 15 percent.”

Ready to elevate your consumer marketing strategy? With a deep understanding of website design and development and email marketing automation, we can help you get started today with everything from tracking code and drip sequences to email design and customer list management. The possibilities are limited by your imagination.

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