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The Best Companion for Today’s Online Customer Journey

Marketing Automation is kind of a magical, targeting bullhorn. You send out a message, and it reaches the right prospects at precisely the right time. It’s important to establish your brand’s reputation at key times in your customers’ buying journey, with the right content delivered in the right channels (like email marketing, blog content, social media or a special offers, etc). Touching your prospects with useful and educational content and special offers as they are open to learn about your and your competitor’s offers,  you can guide them through the 5 phases in the sales funnel: attract, convert, close, delight, promote.

Customer Centric Marketing at its best!

By creating relevant content that your prospects are searching for, you help to create informed leads, establish yourself as a credible resource, find new customers, and set yourself apart from the rest of your competition. Plus, a solid marketing automation strategy is a great companion for your other inbound marketing activities like your search engine optimization (SEO),  social media or digital advertising campaigns.

The goal of marketing automation is to broaden your sales funnel by engaging early in the customer’s journey with the correct audience, using with the appropriate marketing tactics throughout the entire journey from a stranger to visitor to qualified lead to customer to eventually becoming a great promoter of your business. The following steps follow the funnel as shown above:

1. Attract strangers with great content

Promote your valuable content and special offers with blog posts, via search engines, digital advertising or via social media marketing to attract new visitors to your highly converting landing pages.


2. Convert Visitors

Use calls-to-action buttons on your website, blogs, social media & emails to entice visitors to leave their email & name to download content or get your special offer.

3. Close Leads

Follow up with your leads using engaging and tailored messages and offers (buying persona dependent) to lead them through your buying cycle. Building trust is key to convert your leads to buying customers.

4. Make them Promoters

Delight customers will become promoters for your business by continuously offering valuable information via targeted email, web and social media engagements.
When your business grows it becomes virtually impossible to maintain 1:1 relationships with potential customers. Through marketing automation, we are able to nurture visitors, building increasingly deeper and more meaningful interactions with all who are interested in your products and services.

Marketing automation is the great equalizer for businesses of all sizes, allowing you to keep your customers and leads deeply engaged through meaningful and ongoing communication that resonates and influences. These days, marketing automation is a must-have for competitive businesses.

Turning Visitors into Leads, and Leads into New Customers

Successfully delivering appropriate messages helps you to lead customers step-by-step through their buying cycle.  Marketing automation enables you to set up a workflow of highly personalized marketing messages designed to convert website visitors into leads, and then your new leads into paying customers.

Here are 5 best practice guidelines to get marketing automation working for your business:

1. Identify Your Audience
Before you can start creating your emails, auto-responders, workflow messages and landing pages, you need to know your audience. Create buyer personas to help you understand how to produce content that addresses your customer’s specific needs and challenges.
2. Sales and Marketing Alignment
Your marketing automation campaigns should be aligned to your sales processes. Recording every point of engagement to an online CRM will provide detailed customer profiles for your sales team to successfully nurture leads through their buying cycle.
3. Create Valuable, Helpful Content
Delivering the right message that appeals to your target audience, will not only drive an engaging marketing automation process, it will also qualify your leads from the start. So be creative, be informative and be focussed.
4. Multi-Channel Lead Nurturing
Effective marketing automation campaigns will feature a multi-channel approach – with touch points including dynamic website content, email, social media, re-targeting, and interaction from your sales team.
5. Test, Tweak, Repeat
The beauty of digital marketing is that it provides a constant flow of data to assist you in optimizing campaign results. A consistent program of monitoring and improving your workflows will increase your overall competitive advantage.
In addition to increasing leads, marketing automation systems can help increase cross sales and upsells, and improve customer care processes, turning your customers into active fans who will be ready to recommend you.

If you would like help getting started with marketing automation, or improving your current campaigns, get in touch with your Napa based WSI team. Below are our marketing automation services, split into setup and ongoing services.

Our Marketing Automation Setup Services:


Platform Setup

  • Website analytics setup
  • Email sending domain & DKIM setup and verification
  • Company & user setup
  • Social media platform setup
  • Connect website forms to platform

Data Clean Up & Import

  •  CRM setup (optional integration with existing CRM solution)
  • Clean Up of existing contacts for import into database
  • Setup custom fields in database
  • Import of existing contacts

Email Template & Landing Page

  • Definition of email campaign strategy
  • Creation of email template(s)
  • Creation of highly converting landing pages
  • Segmentation of database for email campaigns and email list creation

Persona Development

Personas are designed to help you tailor your message and produce higher conversions. Our service includes:

  • Persona development based on interviews with your sales team or clients
  • Setup personas in platform

Automation Workflow Setup

  • Workflow setup for form submissions
  • Setup of automatic list building
  • Define standard workflows, e.g. tasks after contact form submissions, etc.
  • Setup automation tasks and workflows
  • Testing of initial workflows

Monthly Marketing Automation Services:

Campaign Definition

  • Definition of campaign goals and strategy
  • Target audience definition – strangers, leads, customers
  • Channels to reach audience – advertising, search, social, email
  • Content/offers for target audience
  • Automation workflow definition

Campaign Setup

  • Setup highly converting landing pages with content/offer
  • Setup lead campaigns : advertising, search, social media or emails to list from existing database
  • Setup of emails for workflow dependent follow ups
  • Setup workflow, depending on actions, stage in sales funnel (lead scoring) and potentially based on personas

Content Creation

Creation of valuable content pieces for different sales funnel situations, like

  • downloadable e-books, whitepapers, infographics
  • educational videos, potcasts
  • blog posts
  • social media posts
  • email content
  • advertising banners

Campaign & Workflow Management

Management of overall campaign performance based on agreed KPIs and analytics:

  • Create additional or change content
  • Adjust lead campaign focus if required, e.g. increase ad budget
  • Adjust workflow based on analytics
  • Introduce additional steps in workflow
  • Engage sales personnel based on lead scoring


Monthly detailed reporting

  • Overall campaign performance based on agreed KPIs
  • Traffic & conversion assessment for website and landing pages
  • Lead campaign performance assessment in detail (ads, search, social, email campaigns)
  • Sales funnel performance and pipeline opportunity assessment
  • Recommendations

Our Pricing Model for Marketing Automation Services:

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