As 2022 kicks in, new business goals dominate the forefront of your resolutions. Now is a great time to take a fresh look at your website design. Your website is at the core of your digital marketing presence.

Hiring a web design company to undertake essential website updates will pay dividends for the year ahead. With these considerations in mind, herein are several website design update strategies to implement for the new year.

Narrative Visualization

A unique narrative visualization to tell a story is an excellent focal point to develop a more immersive and engaging user experience. Internet users respond better to visual data. A skilled web developer can help you sequence and organize visual elements to convey your brand messages to your visitors.

Micro Animations

Micro animations have been popular for years, and in 2022, their organic use will become even more apparent. Micro animals help to guide visitors through their interactions with your website. They also bring your web pages to life in a subtle, memorable way.

Low Light User Experience

Low light user interface options, including dark mode and night shift, provide your users with low-contrast options suitable for browsing in low light conditions. Platforms like Google and YouTube have used dark mode for years – but this web design shift is gradually becoming a default aspect in user experience considerations.

Minimalist Website Design

Modern web design should provide a simple and streamlined user experience while being pleasing to look at. The best-designed websites have a preference for minimal and straightforward interfaces. A reputable web design company can help you implement a minimalist design where every page is easy on the eyes.

Supersized Attention-Grabbing Titles

In today’s digital landscape, you have to seize your audiences’ eyes if you want them to see your content. Using titles with large, bold fonts bearing a heavy look instantly grabs your visitors’ attention. You can pair the large title tags with smaller sub-text copies providing solutions to the questions detailed in the title.

Incorporate Abstract Shapes

Incorporating abstract shapes into your website design helps grab your visitors’ attention, add a level of intrigue and promote company branding. A web developer can help you utilize overlapping shapes or shapes at random to create points of visual interest. Interested users tend to stay longer at a website, increasing your chances of conversion.

Memphis Design

Many people are unfamiliar with the 80s Memphis design by name but recognize it by sight. It involves bold, graphic patterns with retro clashing color palettes and many neon hues. Memphis design is becoming increasingly popular with web designers as the aesthetic shows personality, attracts attention with its loud presence, and you can put your own creative spins to it.

Typographic Hero Image

The hero image is the first thing visitors see when they arrive on your website and helps lend context to a content block or specific feature. You can breathe new life into your website by creating typography -led hero images, where the imagery is reduced or eliminated. You can highlight bold typographic styles while pushing your brand message.

Retro Web Design

Today, more web designers embrace web designs aspects and elements of the early 90s. The retro design revolution incorporates bright background colors, robotic typefaces, and visible table layouts. With today’s collective design knowledge, you can leverage graphics, gimmicks, and colors creatively to help you stand out.

Visible Borders

A Website is built on a strict grid supported by code. There is a shift where more web developers increasingly prefer visible borders. When appropriately used, visible borders give a realistic touch to a website and create a clean impression. Simple borders and frames also help separate web sections, making for an easier browsing experience and reducing crowding.

A web design company can help you deliver different web designs while keeping seamless navigation, responsiveness, and accessibility in mind to engage your visitors in a unique and impactful way. In 2022, you should expect to encounter more experimental and innovative designs trends to enhance engagement and improve user experience, making it imperative that your website design adapts and evolves accordingly.


Updated: 3/2/22

Original Blog Posted: 1/7/19


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