Addressing your Tourism Challenges

Breaking into a Competitive Market

 It is time to show the tourists what you have to offer and what your competitors don’t.

Reviews and Recommendations

People trust online recommendations. It is important that your website and experiences to be noticeable and memorable.

Being Found

Search Engine Optimization and exactly how to climb Google’s recommendations.

Join the Competition

In 2016, the Napa Valley alone welcomed a total of 3.5 million tourists in just one year! It can be quite competitive to attract tourists to travel with your company and WSI knows exactly how to help.

Whether it is in the wine industry, the restaurant industry or just about anything else, the Napa Valley is incredibly competitive in most aspects. Because Napa relies so heavily on tourism for economic purposes it is important to make sure your travel destination company stands out!

Reviews = Revenue

Get those reviews! Communicate with your customers!

Listening to what your customers have to say is the best way to improve the offerings your company has! It is also a great way to get ideas for potential new offerings. When it comes to such a competitive field, it is crucial that your offerings “WOW” your customers so they rave about your company to their friends, family and the billions of people on the internet!

Your Travel Destination Company is worthy of being Found

Let’s be honest when consumers are searching the web for the “Best things to do in Napa”,  95% of them will not even click on the 2nd page that Google has to offer.

It is important for your tourist-oriented service be one of the top 10 because those are the websites that receive the most total clicks. With the help of search engine optimization, your websites, blogs and online store will grow immensely. Customers trust search engines (e.g. Google) to guide them to find which travel/tourist-oriented company is the best! WSI helps your website get to the top positions on Google’s rankings with the use of keywords and phrases.

Studies Show


of customers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation.

The customer journey is 80% online so the content that is found on your website is key to your businesses success. This means everything on your website counts. Whether it is time spent on social media platforms, blogs or viewing your website, everything is important.

And this is how we help…

A Professional Website

A custom designed website that better differentiates your travel/tourist-oriented company from competitors.

Everything is Mobile

High-end, mobile-friendly website that accommodate for the everyday phone user.

Making a Name in the Social Media World

Blogs, social media, search, videos and contextual advertising  can be confusing. And WSI knows how to help.


Show the world what traveling with you is like.

A Professional Website

There is no more important aspect of commercial outreach than a company’s website. It’s as important as a flagship brick-and-mortar store, and will be the basis of most new leads’ first impressions of your company.

With thousands of possible things to do in the Napa Valley, it is highly competitive to get the tourists to come to you! It is essential that your website is easy to find, easy to access, quick and filled with positive reviews!

Everything is Mobile

In the age of modern technology, previously time consuming questions like, “What should we do in the Napa Valley?” are answered with just a click of a button or a swipe of a screen. It is imperative to have a mobile friendly website that is both visually appealing and showcases what your tourism-focused company has to offer in a timely matter.

Mobile friendly and visually stunning websites impress visitors with delicious pictures of food, exciting videos of adventurous activities and desirable posts of relaxation. Easy buttons, easy access to calling your company and fast loading times help customers navigate through your website on their phones.

Making a Name in the Social Media World

With help from us, we can ensure that your travel company make a name for themselves in the world of social media. Photos are becoming the new “universal language”. The fastest growing social media networks are Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram, which are all very heavily image based.

Tourists love to take pictures! Especially in the Napa Valley which is noted for its remarkably beautiful landscape, cuisine and architecture. Taking pictures throughout the day show your current customers that you care and your future customers what you have to offer.

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