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You tended to the vines. You harvested and crushed the grapes. You aged the wine and bottled it, ready to show the world your beautiful creation. Except, now, consumers have to find your winery and then choose you among millions. At WSI NextGen Marketing, we want to help propel your brand to the forefront of the competitive wine industry. Here, we believe in having a harmonious blend of optimized website design and digital content, sophisticated branding, and forward-thinking marketing solutions.

Let’s raise a glass to formulating a marketing plan that is perfect for your company’s goals!


Addressing your Challenges

Fierce Competition

How do you break into an extremely competitive market and stand out from the crowd?

In Northern California, specifically in the Napa Valley region, there are over 600 wineries with tasting rooms, resulting in a tough local market. In such a market, it’s essential that your winery website is stunning, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate for direct-to-consumer purchases. At WSI, we know how to create a fast loading website that is both visually appealing and best showcases your unique brand online.

Our wine marketing techniques address the challenges you face each day to promote your winery and retain customers.

Being Found

The struggle of climbing Google’s ranks is real. The top 10 ranked websites receive the most clicks and 80% of consumers will not even click on the 2nd page of search results. If you have an online wine store, ranking well is essential to maximizing direct-to-consumer sales.

Pairing strategic search engine optimization (SEO) with a brand management strategy will help to elevate your rankings and convey your commitment to high quality products and a memorable user experience.

Losing Money to Distribution

Low production wineries do not generate significant margins selling through distributors. These wineries should embrace the competitive advantage of direct-to-consumer (DTC) selling. Direct-to-consumer wine shipments represent now about 10% of off-premise retail sales and it grew the last two years with over 15% annually.

It’s more critical than ever to connect with customers and stand out from other competitors, both online and in the tasting room. Not only does this method of selling foster brand relationships with its customers, it saves the company extra costs.

A Fast-Moving Social World

According to the American Wine Survey, 84% of customers rely on Facebook as their most visited social media platform for finding a winery.

There are 989 million Facebook users who use the mobile app daily, so it is essential for your winery to have a strong Facebook presence.  Only 6% of respondents stated that they did not use a form of social media to come to a decision on where to purchase wine.

So how do wineries decide how to engage with their audiences online. What makes good content? Which platforms are relevant? How do they increase followers and engagement?



And solving them too…

Build a Professional Website

Every winery is unique, so every winery website we build has a custom design – including customized integrations to align with your business processes and future goals. We do not offer a one size fits all template which pushes wineries to fit into a box. Rather, we come together to build an elegant solution that you can be proud of, all while giving your target market a seamless website experience.

Mobile-Friendly: In the age of modern technology, previously time consuming questions like, “Where should we go wine tasting?” are answered with just a click of a button or a swipe of a screen. The inclusion of mobile optimization for your new website is at the forefront of our work. Mobile-Friendly isn’t only critical for users but now Google is ranking websites based on their mobile websites. This wine marketing tactic is a must.


Offer Direct-to-Consumer Solutions

Research shows direct-to-consumer selling is increasing with double digits. In 2019, DtC wine shipments accounted for reaching a 3.2 billion sales value. To be a part of this growing trend, wineries must connect with customers and stand out from other competitors.

Our team at WSI NextGen Marketing has integrated stores such as VineSpring, VinoShipper, Commerce7, WineDirect, AMS (Advanced Management Systems) and WooCommerce into websites for a seamless user purchasing experience. Your online wine store is a great step forward towards a complete wine marketing strategy.

Due to laws surrounding the sales of wine, the WSI team in Napa attended extensive wine related training programs at UC Davis and understands the requirements for eCommerce solutions for the wine industry. Our wine digital marketing tactics can help your winery thrive in Napa’s ultra-competitive market.


Reach Your Target Audience

Search Engine Optimization. With the help of Search Engine Optimization, your winery  website, blogs and online wine store will grow immensely. Customers trust search engines (i.e. Google) to guide them towards which winery is best. We help your website climb the ranks through intensive wine industry keyword research, optimizing your website, content population, blog creation and link sharing via social media wine marketing.

Digital Ads & Email Marketing. It’s important to keep your current wine club members engaged with great content through email marketing. Email lists are a must for wineries as it promotes word of mouth marketing and lead nurturing. Digital ads on the other hand help you reach your target audience and expand your customer base. Stay top-of-mind with a wine marketing strategy that works.

Engage with Social Media & Reputation

We use Social Media to promote your business as it’s important both for Search Engines and consumers. With wine being an “experience good”, it is essential to have a positive reputation. This will allow for organic word of mouth marketing and have consumers make wine purchases based on the opinions of friends and experts. Social media wine marketing means expanding your follower base, positive engagement, and trust.

Online reputation management is integral to creating a wine marketing strategy that works. We implement tactics to make sure more people are leaving great reviews.

Interactive Vineyard Map

In today’s digital world, it’s not enough to have a static webpage. Consumers want to see websites that are both visually appealing, information rich, and functional. One way to stand out can be done by using interactive maps.

Using aerial photos, we can create an interactive vineyard map that responds to mouse-hover or click. These can be easily embedded into any website and used for educational and management purposes.

Imagine a tour coming through your winery. Simply pull out a tablet, pull up your webpage with the map, and showcase each block with the details that pop up. Use it to guide employees and manage the vineyard.


Wine Bottle Photography

Product photography is essential for any business. Not only does it aid the customer buying process, it provides your winery with credibility. Consumers today are expecting the very best from companies across all industries, and this is especially true with wineries.

Additionally, great wine bottle photography will set the right expectations in consumers mind and remove any doubt in terms of quality.


Unique Logos, Labels, & More

We offer various graphic design services to fit your needs. Having cohesive branding will allow your winery to distinguish itself from the intensely competitive wine industry. As mentioned, consumers are visually oriented beings. When looking for a new wine to try or a winery to visit, what will grab their attention is the aesthetics of your wine label and overall style guide.

A branding strategy will tell the story behind your winery in an effective, clear, and memorable way. When consumers are able to remember your brand in a positive way, that recognition will lead to repeat purchases.

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