The SEO domain is unpredictable, much like the thousands of algorithm updates that Google launches every year. As more businesses and brands aim to improve their online visibility and drive more ROI, the competition to rank higher on search engine result pages is fierce. As such, it’s imperative to enlist the services of the best search engine optimization company to help your business navigate the dynamic SEO landscape.

Google owns over 90 percent of the search engine market share. This means that whenever the company releases algorithm updates, you have to take note and adapt accordingly to realize search engine marketing success. Google updates its search algorithm to ensure the most relevant and useful result ranks most prominently.

Keeping up with and leveraging these algorithm updates to remain competitive can be a daunting, continual function that involves lots of research, analysis, insight, learning, mistakes, and bits of intuitive guesswork. As such, you should delegate this crucial marketing function to the best SEO company.

The Most Impactful Google Algorithm Ranking Factors in 2022

SEO Writing – Relevant and Engaging Content

Content is still king, and top-notch SEO writing is imperative. Google’s algorithm has gotten better at recognizing the most relevant and reliable information. SEO rankings in 2022 will be more competitive with consistently publishing high-quality and engaging content that’s helpful and impactful to internet users.

Google’s RankBrain has been designed to analyze the content engagement and how long users stay on a page to determine the relevance and utility of the content. RankBrain isn’t interested in keywords (although keyword best practices are still important).

You must invest in solid SEO writing to keep visitors on a page and provide the subject matter they are looking for.

High-Quality Backlinks

Google rewards websites that link to other sites with increased traffic and clicks. Backlinks are the foundation of PageRank, one of Google’s core ranking algorithms that the company still uses.

Google utilizes backlinks to determine your site’s authority and credibility. High-quality backlinks also show Google that your site is a useful resource. Enlisting the services of A SEO specialist can help you formulate and successfully implement a link building strategy focused on high-quality and authoritative websites.

Keyword Optimization by The Best SEO Company

Keyword optimization is still important today, but the best practices SEO specialists implement have changed. Google’s algorithms have become better at understanding user intent, having a better sense of meaning and context. As such, your keywords should always connect with your content and not be stuffed.

Keyword placement and concentration in meta title tags have become an important ranking factor, surpassing backlinks. Google uses meta title tags as the title links within search snippets, making them important on-page SEO signals.

Website Structure and User Experience

Google began rolling out the Page Experience Algorithm, which spans several user experience signals, including Core Web Vitals (loading, interactivity, and visual stability). The algorithm evaluates the overall user experience within a web page. Page experience will be a heavier ranking factor in 2022 for mobile and desktop platforms.

Google favors a clean and intuitive user experience that gives visitors what they want and keeps them on your website. The best search engine optimization company will help you develop a solid site map, ensure your website is easy to navigate, responsive and mobile-friendly, and implement web page security.

Google has taken major measures to improve the quality of search results and search experience over the past few years. The company says that its commitment in that regard has reduced the number of irrelevant results by over 40 per cent over the past five years. SEO is a dynamic battleground, with all your competitors seeking to outrank you in search engine result pages.

The best SEO company invests in skilled SEO specialists to help you evolve and adapt alongside Google’s updates, refining your SEO strategy for better positioning in a competitive landscape.


Updated: 2/21/22

Original Blog Posted: 2/26/20