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Building your growthh plan

Market Analysis & Digital Marketing Plan

Your starting point for creating a growth plan is to evaluate where you are now and where you want to be in the future – your business goals. An insightful market analysis and competitive research helps to understand the challenges and opportunities of the target market. Identifying your target audience and understanding their specific needs (persona development) helps to create the messaging and content that enables you to address the audience at the right time in the right marketing channel (e.g. search, blog, social media, etc.).

Proper market analysis and market research means you’ve found your digital marketing blueprint. You can now assess the effectiveness of your existing web presence, so that you can start attracting your target audience through a program of effective customer acquisition, value added communications, and lasting brand loyalty.

Six Essential Elements for a Successful Digital Marketing Plan

1. Engaging, Responsive Website

The first step to creating your online image and forming a consumer relationship.

2. Measured Search Campaign

The next step is to promote your content across the search engines with Adaptive SEO™. Also paid advertising can also get your message seen in the right places, by the right people at the right time.

3. Email Marketing

Email is still a very cost effective marketing medium for achieving more sales and building brand loyalty. Now you’re ready to convert visitors into leads, and leads into customers using a combination of marketing automation processes that do the heavy lifting for you.

4. Add Social to the Mix

Social Media is key to engaging with potential customers, as well as managing your online reputation.

5. Join the Dots with Content Marketing

A content plan/calendar will help you coordinate campaigns and plan publications in a strategic way.

6. Measure, tweak, improve

Each part of your digital marketing mix is brought together by a routine of monitoring, testing and improving.

Your Napa based WSI experts have over 50 years of experience in market analysis, market research, and business management. We bring our deep expertise in internet marketing to your business, develop your specific marketing plan that will drive results for your business by using the right combination of our digital marketing services.

The following video demonstrates the breadth of digital marketing services that WSI is offering that are the foundation of the tailored digital blueprint for your business:

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