Addressing your Challenges

Finding and Connecting with your Target Audience

How to properly get people interested in helping your non-profit.

Generating Donations and Volunteers

Finding the perfect balance so people donate but also find a simulating gratification.

Embracing the Digital World!

Print has been on the decline for some time now, it is time to adapt and embrace the new technology filled world.

Connecting with your Audience is Everything

It’s easy for the audience to feel disconnected from a worthy cause. So we narrow down your ideal donors and members and speak to them. Sure, everyone can be a potential supporter and donor, but that’s not always the case. We hone in on your target audience and we reach out to them in effective ways.

Recurring donors are the most valuable when working with non-profit organizations.

Generating Donations and Volunteers

When people choose to donate their time / money to a non-profit, the return and gratification isn’t exactly tangible. So how do we get past this? It’s all about emotion. The marketing message must speak to your audience on a deeper level. Video marketing comes in handy here. In 2014, non-profits who used video in their marketing strategy produced over 670 million views. In the end, powerful and emotional messages that make it clear where the donations will be allocated are way to go for your non-profit.

If donors feel like they can’t give enough to make a difference, they may not give at all. It is important to emphasis that every donations makes a difference and WSI knows exactly how to do this. 

Embracing the New Digital World

It’s unfortunate but inevitable. The decline of print media has left non-profits with a dilemma. Brochures, print materials, direct mail campaigns were all at some point essential for non-profits. But with the digital world taking over, it’s important to adapt and to excel. Our digital marketing and social media services have the power to push your cause forward and reach more potential supporters than ever before.

With a well-planned strategy and content marketing approach, non-profits can reach younger audiences that only respond to digital. Of course we believe print can be used in conjunction with digital media to reach audiences over 55. Understanding the balance of traditional and digital media is essential.

And this is how we get people involved…

Giving Electronically

Today, people are more likely to donate online than in person.

Monthly Subscriptions make Loyal Donors

Young donors would prefer to make small payments monthly than a huge donation one-time.

Be Active on Social Media

Be sure to engage with your donors and potential donors through the right channels.

Videos add Emotion

Videos are a great way to visually show the world the aim of your non-profit!


Show the world how they can help your Non-Profit

Non-profits face some of the most unique challenges in digital marketing. And it’s important to have a marketing team who gets it. Unlike most businesses, non-profits are selling something that can’t be given to the buyer. It’s hard enough to get people to part with their money, but asking them to do so without receiving a direct return is a whole other ballpark. That’s where creativity and experience come in.

At WSI, we understand the importance of connecting with the right target audience in an effective way. How do we do it?

Giving Electronically 

With apps like Venmo, Apple Pay and PayPal, it is becoming much easier to transfer money safely and effortlessly. Nearly half of Millennials, Gen X’ers and even Baby Boomers prefer to give organizations money through their website. By doing this you also attract younger donors that have a higher likelihood of donating more throughout their lifetime.

The use of writing a check is in the steady decline. Nonprofits must seek other ways for people to contribute over the Internet, via mobile campaigns and other forms of social media.

Monthly Subscribers = Lifetime Loyalty 

Although younger crowds usually aren’t ready yet to give larger individual gifts, The Millennial Impact Report found that 52% of Millennials are interested in monthly giving as a means to give back in a meaningful way.

Monthly giving programs can be set up to make automated payments monthly to your organization. They also have much higher retention rates that continue to be consistent with time. After just one year of being apart of a monthly giving programs, non-profits see retention rates over 80%.

Focus on Social Media… But not too much

The fact of the matter is that non-profit organizations do not need to leverage every social media platform that exists. Resources are tight, so it is best to take some pressure off this and just focus on two main media channels to get out your message. Some non-profits get lost in trying to manage media platforms at once instead of excelling at just one or two.

Videos add Emotion

For a non-profit especially, it can be very hard for an audience to feel connected to a worthy cause. With the age of visual technology so accessible, there is a higher likelihood that someone would click on a eye catching video/picture than a lengthy article.

Videos are a way of putting the audience visually into the issue that are not usually in everyday American life.  A video by ShelterBox USA had photos and video clips shot by their teams on the ground after a devastating landslide which drove $3,200 in donations.

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