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Competitive Analysis

Knowing yourself in online marketing is easy:  A well-constructed set of database-backed analytical tools can reveal huge amounts of information about your own business.  Knowing your competition is slightly harder, but not much.  Thanks to the open nature of the Internet, it’s easy to gather real intelligence about your competition and their strategies.

Five Ways to Gather Hard Intel On Your Competition

  1. Create a True Competitor Analysis

You should have a file on every major competitor in your industry, which you add too whenever you uncover more information about them. Knowledge is truly power.

  1. Go Undercover and Dig Deep

Visit websites. Look at their tone, content, and length. Analyze their Call To Actions. Take note of their visual design choices. Look at the frequency of social media posting. Use keyword research tools to discover which keywords are being used to discover their sites. Run SEO analysis checks on them.

Remember: any online tool for analyzing your website can be used just as easily to analyze theirs.
  1. Learn from Other Markets

Don’t stay solely in your own back yard. Look at major players in other industries, especially those connected to yours or with a similar target audience, to see how they are achieving success. You can often get great ideas this way.

  1. Use Your Data!

Everything you learn adds up to two key insights:  A) Successful things others are doing which you should do as well, and B) Areas of deficiency which create new opportunities for you.

If you’re gathering information which doesn’t seem to go towards either of these main goals, refocus. Remain targeted on practical, actionable data you can turn into real-world efforts.

  1. Stay Focused

It’s easy to start going too far down the proverbial rabbit hole. Remember, you’re looking for new ideas you can implement in your own online outreach.  Search for ideas that work, rather than focusing on competitor failures. The purpose here is self-improvement, not tearing down the competition.

WSI can help you use every resource at your disposal to gain more insights into your market, your customers and your competition.

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