Addressing your Challenges


How to properly manage and control your online reputation.

Trust is Key

When it comes to making such an important decision, patients want to trust your practice.

Being Found

Search engine optimization and exactly how to climb Google’s rankings.

Reputation is Everything

In a world that is changing at a rapid rate, online reputation can make or break a healthcare provider’s business. Online reputation is important for all businesses but especially for companies within the healthcare industry. For physicians, their reputation is built around the foundation of trust and credibility among patients. The things that individuals are saying about your practice is becoming the most important reflection of your business’ reliability, medical skills and quality of healthcare services.

Reputation management is very important when protecting your medical service practice’s reputation. WSI helps you respond to negative reviews and increase your positive reviews and ratings. When it comes to running a practice, consistency of reviews, recommendations and ratings are expected. Since digital resources for information are becoming the first place for the patient’s decision making, how medical service providers build a positive online reputation is fundamentally important.

An Industry Built on Trust

The healthcare Industry is built upon trust. The cleanliness and elegance of your website must replicate the style of your office and your practice. If your website is outdated, that can negatively reflect on your practice.

The medical industry requires HIPAA compliant practices on websites – from secure forms and billing to privacy protection terms. Finding a marketing partner that understands this is essential.

Your Medical Practice is worthy of being Found

It is no secret that patients start their research on the internet. But with so many choices and directions, especially in the Napa Valley, how will they find your specific website? Well WSI knows how to fill your website with descriptive keywords and phrases that match your targeted audience and potential patients.

WSI designs a unique and original website that is filled with content describing what your practice offers, what areas you specialize in and your credentials. This with a boost from social media platforms and blogs help potential patients find your website.

When patients are searching the web for the best medical service providers in their area, 95% of them will not even click on the 2nd page that Google has to offer. It is important for your practice to be one of the top 10 because those are the websites that receive the most total clicks. 

Studies show that


of patients say a doctor's reputation matters.

Considering the fact that choosing the wrong doctor can have a larger life-changing effect than choosing the wrong dinner place, online reviews are important! On average about 60% of consumers claim they need to read at least 4 reviews to form an opinion about a company. 

And this is how we solve it…


Most research begins on a phone. Consistency on different devices encourage consumers to trust your practice.

Getting Reviews & Getting Revenue

Over 80% of people trust online recommendations!

Professional Website

You never have another shot at a first impression, your website is no exception.


Search Engine Optimization

Patients want to trust their medical service professionals. How to get patients to find you through their search engine.


Represent your service the right way

The most important part about community outreach is a company’s website. Every medical practice is different so every website we build has a custom design including customized integrations to align with your business processes and future goals. We do not offer a one size fits all template and push medical offices to fit into the box.  Rather we sit together to understand what makes your practice unique and how we can build an elegant solution to fit your company’s needs while giving your patients a seamless website experience.


Almost all research begins on an individual’s phone because it is portable and accessible. Statistics show that 80% of Internet users own a smartphone and use it to conduct research online. Whereas most people tend to book or make final decisions on a desktop, 67% of research begins on a mobile device. This means if your company’s website is not mobile-friendly, fast loading or consistent you are missing out on an enormous opportunity. The main focus should be concentrated on how easily potential and current patients can interact with you through their numerous devices.

Google has recently introduced a key ranking strategy that is focused on mobile-first ranking. Websites that are ranked low on Google have low mobile-first rankings because the pace for the healthcare industry has changed. Your website must have a fast page loading time and consistency and WSI knows exactly how to help.

Getting Reviews & Getting Revenue

Get those reviews! Communicate with your patients! 

Healthcare is an industry that everyone needs and uses. Positive customer experiences have recently become more focused by many healthcare companies and clinics.

Listening to what your patients have to say is the best way to improve the services your practice has! It is also a great way to get ideas for potential services. When it comes to such a competitive field, it is crucial that your patient experience is positive so patients rave about your practice to their friends, family and the millions of people on the internet!

Professional Website

You never have another chance at a first impression when it comes to websites. It takes about a 10th of a second for a patient to form an opinion about your website, which determines whether they like your site or not, whether they’ll stay or leave.

When a potential patient is browsing your website, it is imperative that they experience seamless usability and effortless navigation. The potential patients confidence and trust will follow because of your offices’ ability to deliver quality services.

With so many medical services at any patient’s fingertips, today’s online consumers are expecting lightning fast load times and nothing less. Search engines like Google even use page loading time as a way to determine search engine rankings, which means they are more likely to guide visitors to websites that are the fastest.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization uses a set of techniques to bring patients to your website by ranking high on a search engine (i.e. Google). SEO is especially important within the medical service industry because it is especially crucial within this field to gain the trust of potential patients. Visitors trust search engines so having a presence amongst the top positions increases the website’s trust.

Studies show that Facebook is the best social media platform for businesses within the medical service industry. Thousands of medical clinics within the United States struggle everyday to fill their calendars; Facebook advertising & marketing can be an effective approach to boosting your website’s search engine ranking. Your patients are on Facebook, are you?

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