Today, an effective social media marketing strategy can benefit both small and big brands. 80% of consumers are more likely to consider solutions from brands they follow on social media channels.

Brand awareness is a top priority for marketers, and a social media agency can help you leverage social media channels to get the word out regarding your products and services. Herein are key ways in which you can work with a social media manager to create a strong social media brand presence.

Maintain Consistency Across Social Media Channels

One of the basics of social media branding is ensuring you are consistent across all social media platforms. With all the social media channels available to marketers, it can become increasingly difficult to drive a coherent message across the platforms.

You should unify your brand’s profile across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, your blog, and every platform it appears on.

Your brand profile should also be in line with your brand’s identity. Be consistent with color palette, logo style, graphics, photo treatment, language, illustration style, typography, and even post frequency.

A social media manager can help you create uniform visual and textual content that ensures the audience experience from one social platform to another is consistent, and users immediately recognize your brand.

Enlist Social Media Agency Services for Persona Mapping

Consumers today generate tons of information on social channels each day. As such, persona mapping and social media marketing are intertwined aspects. A social media manager can help you develop unique profiles for various segments of your target audience.

Marketing personas reflect the characteristics of the audience, including behaviors, personal attributes, motivations, preferences, and values.

A social media agency will conduct qualitative research and utilize social media analytics to conduct data-driven persona mapping. Once you have developed multiple marketing personas, you can tailor your social branding efforts to match the distinct audience personas.

Developing marketing personas help you determine where to focus and create relevant social media campaigns and messages. It also helps you provide a better digital experience by creating more relevant and engaging content that resonates with different audiences on different social channels.

Determine Your Brand Tone of Voice and Writing Style

Your target audience and your products/services will inform your brand’s voice and writing style on social media. Imagine your brand as a person and consider the personality it would have. You want to be clear to your followers on how you will communicate online. Is your brand’s tone formal and serious or irreverent and cheeky?

What language will your brand use? If your brand is more hip, young, and casual, you can incorporate more slang. If you are a niche brand, you can utilize industry-specific language and acronyms.

To help identify your tone and writing style, you must first define your brand’s purpose on social media. Is your social media goal to entertain or educate?  A social media agency can help you formulate a style guide outlining your tone of voice. This guide will inform all parties handling your social media accounts.


Overall, professional social media branding is an essential component of your overall online marketing strategy. It encompasses consistently utilizing the right tactics and methods to engage your target audience across social media channels to boost brand awareness.

No matter your industry, consumers today want to relate to your brand’s personality. Social media branding is a proven tool that can help you connect with consumers on a personal level.