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Content is King

and always will be.

Content is King! This is so true, specifically when you think about the customer buying journey in today’s always connected world. Statistics show that about 80% of the customer’s buying journey – from idea to purchase – is done online to lean more about the idea (e.g. wine weekend in Napa), evaluate different options, compare companies to deliver the desired outcome and finally get in touch with the selected provider or purchase online. During this 80% of the online journey, it is all about the content and first impressions (e.g. your website) that you created or someone else wrote about you (e.g. a review and your response).

“What helps people, helps business.”

Leo Burnett

Regardless of where people are in the buying cycle, they are looking for information – they want answers and build trust with the company and their products/services to fulfill the purpose in the best possible way. Whether comparing product features or looking to solve a specific challenge – the goal is to answer those questions in a way that educates and inspires action.

A Recipe for Content Marketing Success

Content marketing has given small businesses the opportunity to become their own publishers. Creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content forms an online marketing strategy designed to attract and retain loyal customers.

To do this, a workable content marketing plan is crucial – here are 5 key ingredients for achieving success with content marketing.

1. Identify and Understand Your Audience
Before you write a word, you need to know who you are writing for. Identifying your target audience using buyer personas will enable you to understand and directly speak to the challenges that your ideal customer faces and help them solve those challenges.
2. What, Where, How
With an understanding of who your content is addressing, you can now start brainstorming ideas. Determine the most appropriate writing styles, content formats, and identify the best place to post your content for maximum impact.
3. Quality Matters Most
It’s the quality of your content that will determine how much it is viewed, shared, commented on and whether it is positioned at the top of search engine results, so focus on producing quality over quantity.
4. Stay Organized
Planning, producing and publishing a steady flow of valuable and relevant content needs to be organized. A content calendar will enable you to coordinate your publishing schedule, manage your team of contributors and meet deadlines.
5. Review, Measure, Improve
Proving the effectiveness of content marketing can sometimes seem elusive – the key is to determine your objectives, establish your key metrics and then measure engagement. Use the data to learn what works best and how to make improvements.

Content Creation can be challenging.

WSI offers Content Creation Services

We understand that the creation of good, engaging content isn’t easy and takes time. We offer content creation services for:




Blogs, Articles, Press Releases for SEO


Social Media Posts


e-Books, e-Brochures


Email Campaigns


Advertising Campaigns



Video Marketing


Think of content marketing as a cousin of marketing automation. The components are the same and the goal is to solidify your business’ reputation in your market. To execute a effective content marketing plan, identify your buyer personas and their specific needs and create the content that is valuable to your audience. Your content can then boost your SEO strategies, educate your target audience, engage with your customers, and secure your spot as the leading authority in your market. These are the elements that not only shape your online reputation, but they all play a part in generating more leads and eventually revenue. The positive online customer experience you provide through your content, could very well be the deciding factor of whether a prospect chooses to make a purchase. So not only could you see a jump in online traffic, but in profits as well!

Over the last two decades, we have learnt how to cost-effectively leverage content to quickly out-perform your competitors. It is in strategic areas like content marketing that experience makes the world of difference. WSI belongs to the largest content creation network and we have access to professional writers, photographers and video producers with solid backgrounds in all kind of businesses and industries.

If you would like to position yourself as an expert and increase your sphere of influence by launching an effective content marketing plan for your business, contact our Napa WSI office today.

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