Traditional marketing tricks become obsolete when it comes to marketing to GenZ. But why is this so? And what can your internet marketing agency do to connect to this bold generation of consumers? Keep reading to find out.

Understanding GenZ

The best marketing companies know that you must understand your audience to sell a product successfully. Who is GenZ? GenZ is a generation that comprises people born between 1996 and the early 2010s. This group is young, open-minded, value-conscious, and tech-savvy. And according to Census Bureau data analysis, GenZ is the best educated and most ethnically and racially diverse group.

We are talking about a generation that has grown up with wide access to the internet and various social media platforms. Besides their strong online presence, GenZ is synonymous with spending and has been the generation responsible for the cultural and consumer behavior shifts over the years.

For GenZ, authenticity is paramount, perhaps the second determining factor besides price. For this reason, grabbing their attention requires more than a good product. Instead, you must tailor your digital marketing content to something relatable while maintaining your current customer base.

Valuable Digital Marketing Strategies To Help You Understand GenZ Marketing Needs

Are you offering an online marketing service? If yes, we recommend trying the following strategies in future campaigns.

Be clear

Every internet marketing agency understands the significance of branding (Based on GenZ experts, a clear company mission). Some of the topics that are important to GenZ include LGBTQ and diversity.

Moreover, GenZ is keen to check a company’s values, with 70% aiming to buy from companies they deem ethical.

Clothing companies are perhaps the best example of businesses that have benefited from aligning their values with GenZ. Those that have produced a wide range of sizes that cater to larger body types have experienced higher sales and an improved reputation.


Another strategy we recommend implementing is accountability and sincerity. Remember, these digital natives have no trouble looking up your company reviews, website, and, most importantly, your social media pages. Building brand trust should remain a top priority.

One approach that has become popular is the release of a company’s racial and ethnic composition. Remember, this generation can see through the ‘PR stunts’; therefore, you must demonstrate that what you portray is what happens behind the scenes.


Forget the run-of-the-mill approach to content creation, which often entails minimal imagery and dull colors. Instead, go bold with colors and marketing content. Two companies that have seen significant success from their bold marketing campaigns have been KFC and Crocs after their 2020 collaboration that sold out in less than 30 minutes.

Be fun

Who says marketing has to be purely educational? Experts have found that GenZ has an average attention span of 8 seconds. For this reason, it’s best to incorporate fun content when marketing your services and products.

Create a tribe

This guide would not be complete if we failed to emphasize the importance of building a connection with GenZ. Research shows that this age group is the loneliest. For this reason, GenZ is always keen to find a connection. One way your company can achieve this is through authenticity. The best marketing companies have learned the power of using influencers to sell their brand.

Tempted to work with the mega-influencers? Well, you’ll be surprised to learn that GenZ consumers are more discerning than ordinary people. To them, working with the everyday consumer highlights a sincere approach and feels less transactional. Another way to build a tribe is by seeking GenZ for feedback and establishing reward programs for loyal customers.


As an online marketing agency, the success of your marketing campaigns to GenZ relies on understanding their needs. To turn them into a loyal customer base, you must remain true to your brand and be bold and accountable

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