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Everything is Online

E Commerce and Direct-To-Consumer Websites are the Future of Retail

Getting Customers through the Door!

The perfect balance between the Physical World and the Digital World

Everything is Online

With companies like Amazon that have such a strong grip on retail sales it can be quite the competition for most smaller retailers. There is an increasing need to evolve the way you do business and the way your website needs to look.

Before WSI begins hand crafting your personalized website, we sit you down to ask you the question, “What is your company’s message?” We make it easier for people to buy online from your website and we get people to your store. 

The customer journey is 80% online so the content that is found on your website is a key factor to your businesses success. This means everything on your website counts. Whether it is time spent on social media platforms, blogs or viewing your website, everything is important.

Getting Customers through the Door!

Retail stores are facing a challenge today, they have to offer something better than they have in the past to motivate customers to come in. The challenge that retail stores see today is a balance between integrating the physical world with the digital world.

New technology is now devoted to analyzing how a consumer shops online, the retailer can now see what they click on, what they buy, what they delete from their shopping cart and how long they dwell on a product image. You are unable to do this in a physical store which can put it at a disadvantage. But what a physical store has that an online store does not is personalization and the physical grasp of a great product. It is essential that your website both allow your customers to easily purchase online as well as encourage them to come to your store.

“Today is the first day after Mother’s day. My Hands are swollen and I can barely bend my fingers; A pain I am grateful for because it’s a reminder of all the floral orders we filled in the past 3 days. Yet, instead of a pack of ice in my hand I am writing this email: The first thing on my list today is to express my gratitude and to say THANK YOU. This was the first year we received as many orders on a holiday through the website. Yes, as these orders were streaming in, all I could think of is all the good work you have done in building and maintaining WSI Marketing has been essential and fundamental in our success. You built this website literally from scratch. You listened with endless patience to my customization requests, provided solutions and swiftly took care of issues. In a world saturated with website builders and marketing, You stand out as a trusted partner.”

Dina Soueidan

Co-Owner, Sal The Flower Guy

And this is how we solve it…


Most research begins on a phone. Consistency on different devices encourage consumers to buy!

A Strong Website makes for a Strong Business

High-end,  mobile-friendly website that is easy to navigate through.


Search Engine Optimization

Online shoppers are dependent on search engines when shopping.

Good Reviews = Good Revenue

People trust online recommendations. Get those reviews and communicate with your customers!


Show the World what is Unique about your Retail Store

How to differentiate from Amazon is the fact that your business is personalized so it is essential that we get that message across through your website. There is no more important aspect of commercial outreach than a company’s website.  Show the world that they can view and purchase your quality products from your quality website.


Almost all research begins on an individual’s phone because it is portable and accessible. Whereas most people tend to book or make final decisions on a desktop, 67% of research begins on a mobile device. This means your company’s website must be fast loading and consistent no matter what device the consumer is using. The main focus should be concentrated on how easily clients and employees can interact with the company through their numerous devices.

Google has recently introduced a key ranking strategy that is focused on mobile-first ranking. Websites that are ranked low on Google have low mobile-first rankings because the pace for the retail industry has changed. Your website must have a fast page loading time and consistency and WSI knows exactly how to help.

A Strong Website makes for a Strong Business

There has been an increase in people purchasing products online but studies show that people are still three times as likely to click the “buy” button on a desktop computer in comparison to a smartphone. So this means your website must be consistent regardless of the device your clients are shopping on.

A quality and unique website presence can make all the difference for a retail store. A fast loading website with easy buttons to buy, call, browse and find your store are all essential for a positive customer experience.

 Search Engine Optimization

When people are shopping online, they start on search. Since over 90% of online researchers do not even click on the 2nd page of Google, it is imperative that your service be found amongst one of the top 10 recommendations. Being found in online searches is critical for a retail business to attract new customers into their store.

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be complex and that is why WSI is here to assist you. When a customer is searching the internet, a search engine (i.e. Google) ranks different websites based on popularity, traffic, reviews, location and much more. WSI optimizes your website and implements the best SEO strategies to increases the number of customers who click on your page.

Good Reviews = Good Revenue

The fact of the matter is that 80% of consumers trust online reviews so it is crucial that your reviews online be prevalent and positive.

In order to receive good reviews your company must be present in different social media, blogs, google review and content marketing. WSI knows exactly how to boost your Google ranking to ensure that more customers are attracted to your store.

Reputation management is very important when protecting your retail store’s reputation. We help you respond to negative reviews and increase your reviews and ratings. And when it comes to running a franchise, consistency of reviews across all stores is expected.


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