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My name is Timothy and I’m very excited that you’ve chosen to partner with WSI Next Gen Marketing. Important for you to know is that I don’t come from an old-school marketing background.

I’ve enjoyed a fulfilling start to my career working in high end hospitality in the Australian wine industry while undertaking my Masters in Dietetics. A unique yet contrasting pathway into marketing that gifted me the empathetic nature of health professional, the creative eye of a freelance writer and first-hand insights into the minds and desires of epicurean consumers.

I’m passionate about brand messaging that fosters cross-cultural community connection and never am I afraid to think outside the box!

I grew up in the melting pot of Melbourne, Australia. I was surrounded by foodies and had a proud part to play in the food and wine world. I am extremely fortunate to have worked in both front and back of house working as a Commis Chef in Australia (Domaine Chandon) and Sous Chef here in Napa (Kitchen Collective).

My wife and I started an ultra-boutique catering business in Napa to share Australian-Inspired, Nutrition-Focused dining experiences. It’s been a passion of mine to capture wine and plated creativity through the eye of a camera lens and share my recipes through my personal blog Harvest Epicure. In my freelance writing career, I’ve been fortunate to interview some of the wine industry’s most talented experts from winemaker Rajat Parr and Matt Stamp, MS to Karen MacNeil and Jancis Robinson, MW on topics of climate change, wine business strategy and trends, marketing insights, and how to be a great writer.

The creative and freelance side of my career has lent me a great deal of experience photographing a wide variety of subjects from consumer-packaged goods and wine bottle photography to sporting equipment and clothing. 

My photography portfolio also includes a solid foundation in high-profile portraiture as well as working with people and pets which is more challenging than it might sound. Developing a creative eye across a range of different industries and subject areas has allowed me competitive advantage when working with clients in the world of online marketing and e-commerce.

I’m heart set on helping people and businesses like yours, share your craft with the world and teach you some creative marketing tips along the way. I’m truly excited to be part of the nimble, talented team helping wineries, restaurants and small businesses like yours develop approachable consumer marketing content with and a refreshingly authentic brand voice. Book a Lifestyle Light Photography Package today and let’s re-launch your media library with a fun and seasonal photography shoot.

Q1. Something that people might not know:

I taught myself Mandarin Chinese. It has a long way to go but I developed a strong foundation working in and selling wine to Chinese consumers. It’s an easier language than many might think. My advice is start learning using a topic that you love, which for me was food and wine, educating consumers on tasting, pairing, winemaking and viticulture.

Q2. Favorite style of photography:

Food under natural light with minimal props.

Q3. Favorite wine:

My preferred grape variety is Syrah or Shiraz.

Q4. Favorite food and wine pairing:

Chenin Blanc with Barbequed Shellfish.

Q5. Digital Marketing Passion Project:

I would love to continue building my website design experience with a non-profit community project based here in Napa if the opportunity exists. E.g. Woman or Children, Food Access or Education centered community project.


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