Want to leverage the power of the largest search engine in the world? Enter Google.

Drawing prospective clients to your products or services online requires a clear articulation of what you are about, who your target audience may be, and how they search for what they need. We know that prospective clients begin their quest with a simple keyword search, a word grouping meant to describe the desired product and perhaps even a location.

In many instances, those online searchers are ready to buy, hoping to solve an immediate issue. Having your problem-solving proposition appear immediately in the form of an engaging website or an attention-grabbing advertisement is every marketer’s quest.

But the competition is fierce. A clear, focused, and carefully monitored Google advertising and paid-search ads plan is essential.

Keyword Search-Related Advertising

Guided by simple keyword searches, Google Search Ads help companies appear at the top of search engine result pages. If you Google something, the top 3 search positions are usually ads. Through strategic keyword research, you can see what words consumers are using to find your service or product. Youc an then create ads targeting these keywords, and if you have the highest bid, your ad will appear at the top when someone searches that work.

The benefit here is that consumers are already in the decision-making phase. They are ready to buy. They specifically Googled “pink satin dress” or “plumber in Napa.” They know what they want and it’s up to you to show up at the right place and time. You’re paying for clicks here and pricing can vary from $1 to $30+.

Google Display Advertising

Display advertisements on the Google platform can appear on a wide variety of websites and apps. Ads can target individuals based on their demographics, prior behaviors, and location. These advertisements can even retarget previous visitors by showing the ads again during later visits.

Display ads can be great for creating brand recognition. The key to success here is to present a highly appealing set of ads created by a proven internet advertising agency.

Google Display Ads provides a few different ways to engage prospective customers with appealing formats. These include:

  • Responsive Display Ads assist social media advertising in creating ads by entering text, photography, and logos, and Google will automate formatting to match the company’s style and font.
  • Uploaded Image Ads allow marketers to upload already formatted materials in various sizes or HTML5.
  • Engagement Ads are video ads or engaging YouTube content designed to attract the searcher’s attention.
  • Gmail Ads appear at the top of the individual’s Inbox.

Where Does Other Advertising Fit In?

You may be familiar with social media advertising or Facebook advertising. It can be extremely powerful in its own way, reaching large audiences for a low cost. How does social media advertising compare to Google and paid-search advertising? Check out our blog for a side-by-side comparison of Google vs. Facebook and Instagram Advertising.

Use Google to Improve Your Online Brand Building and Generate Leads

Establishing a strong, brand-building online presence through Google advertising can generate growth that would be impossible otherwise. Our team at WSI Next Gen Marketing can position your company to attract your target audience at the right place and time.

To schedule a no-obligation conference to discuss your company’s marketing opportunities, fill out our contact form. Or, call us at (707) 927-5139.

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