2024 marks the ten-year anniversary of WSI Next Gen Marketing, a digital marketing agency based in Napa Valley, that has achieved remarkable milestones throughout its journey. This is the story of how two wine enthusiasts traded the high-tech world of Silicon Valley for the vineyards of Napa Valley to build a marketing agency that embodies passion, expertise, and innovation.

The Beginnings: A Chardonnay and a Dream (2014)

The origin story of WSI Next Gen Marketing is like a fine wine: it starts with the right blend of passion and vision. Co-founders Georgia and Andreas shared a common love for wine that started over a glass of chardonnay and really blossomed during a visit to Napa Valley in 2008. This love eventually led them to leave the fast-paced world of Silicon Valley for the serene vineyards of Napa Valley. 

andreas and georgia standing in front of booth

Their fascination with wine didn’t stop at appreciation—they delved into studying it through courses at UC Davis. The International Wine Marketing class inspired them to start a internet marketing company, recognizing the need for specialized marketing in the region’s tourism & wine industries.  

With a vision in mind, the support of the WSI network became a key factor in the successful launch of WSI Next Gen Marketing. As part of the global network of marketing professionals, they gained access to an immense reservoir of knowledge, tools, and strategies. This collaboration enabled them to bring the best marketing practices to Napa Valley, leveraging WSI’s extensive global resources and expertise. 

The Growth Years: Building a Team and a Reputation (2015-2018)

The marketing company saw steady growth and recognition in its early years. In 2015, Georgia joined the team full-time, bringing her expertise and energy to the table. A year later, WSI Next Gen Marketing won its first Web Marketing Association award, thanks to their outstanding work with Oak Avenue Catering.  

In addition, WSI Next Gen Marketing won a total of 10 Web Marketing Association (WMA) awards over the past decade, demonstrating their commitment to excellence in web design and digital marketing. These awards stand as a testament to their unwavering dedication to delivering top-tier results for their clients. 

2017 marked their first Digital Summit in Napa, a significant milestone demonstrating their thought leadership in the digital marketing space. They gathered industry leaders to present the latest trends and innovations in marketing.  

andreas standing on stage presenting
group of people standing in front of booth

The same year, they began hosting seminars, sharing their knowledge and experience with a broader audience. 

The team expanded further in 2018 with the addition of their first employee, Maria.  

The Flourishing Years: Expanding Horizons and Navigating Challenges (2019-2022)

In 2019, they moved into their office in downtown Napa. The team, that continued to grow, renovated the office space and the slogan “marketing expert during the day, construction worker at night” was born.  

group of people standing in empty office

The same year, they held their second Digital Summit at the Silverado Resort in Napa. 

The year 2020 brought unprecedented challenges with the pandemic, but WSI Next Gen Marketing adapted by pivoting to remote work and offering regular webinars to educate the business community about business practices and opportunities during these trying times. Despite the difficulties, they took a bold step and launched Next Gen Wine Marketing, specializing in wine marketing. Together, WSI Next Gen Marketing and Next Gen Wine Marketing grew to serve over 200 clients and achieved over 40 five-star online reviews. 

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By April 2022, they opened a new office on Devlin Road, marking another chapter in their growth story. 

The Next Chapter: A Toast to the Future

Today, WSI Next Gen Marketing stands as a testament to passion-driven entrepreneurship, with a decade of expertise and countless success stories. They are a small yet mighty team, providing personalized marketing strategies that have shaped the wine industry and the digital marketing landscape. 

people accepting best of napa county award

As part of the WSI network, they continue to benefit from global knowledge sharing, innovative strategies, and proven frameworks, helping them stay ahead of industry trends. The network’s focus on leveraging AI technology to revolutionize digital marketing is paving the way forward. WSI’s expertise in AI-driven marketing is crucial in delivering personalized customer experiences and insightful analytics, which greatly benefits WSI Next Gen Marketing’s clients. 

As they raise a glass to the past decade, they also look to the future with optimism and ambition. With over 200 clients and an expanding team, WSI Next Gen Marketing is committed to continuing its legacy of excellence and shaping the next generation of marketing. To celebrate their anniversary, they are offering a special 10% discount on new services during the anniversary month of May. 

Here’s to the next 10 years of growth, innovation, and many more glasses of wine! 

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