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The Client

Founded by a pioneer hot air balloon aviator, Balloons Above the Valley is Napa Valley’s longest-standing hot air balloon company, having been around for over 40 years. Offering a variety of packages and flight options, their company is built on quality service, flight safety, and customer satisfaction. Balloons Above the Valley has its long-lasting and strong reputation in Napa to prove to customers why they differ vastly from the competition.

The Challenge

Although their reputation speaks for itself, Balloons Above the Valley saw a dramatic decrease in their customer base as more balloon ride companies moved into the valley. The brand needed a refresh and proof of its reliability to locals and tourists. The website needed visually-appealing but user-friendly content and a completely new bookign system for the ideal user experience.

Our Solution

A website built on a user-friendly platform and vivid animations were a must. To promote the experience, users can find animated graphics for the homepage and flights pages. With full-screen graphics, comprehensive text, and ease of navigation, customers can navigate through the site and find all the information they need. The new booking system was seamlessly integrated into the website allowing for tracking conversion at every step of booking. Completely customized and perfectly tailored for the client. Each page went through responsive web design to make sure users could book on the go, with minimal clicks, when visiting Napa.

The Homepage

With a full-screen animated slider, users are immediately drawn to the moving balloons and clouds. The third slide features a birds eye view from a moving basket to give the viewers a feeling of riding a hot air balloon!

Inner Pages

A main “flights” page allows users to view all options and navigate to the various flights. The slider features a moving animation of each flight with the option to click each one.

Each individual balloon ride page has it’s own integrated calendar where users can choose the date and book their balloon ride, as well as more information on the flight itself and an animated slider.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for Mobile Bookings

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for Mobile Bookings

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