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Growth Driven Website Design

Business goals driven, quick to market and continuous improvements based on data

1. Develop a Strategy

What are your goals? How do your users behave? How do we best connect with your target audience?

2. Create a Website Centered Around Your Goals

Prioritize what matters on the website, build the base, and get to market quickly.

3. Constant Improvement and Optimization.

Measure and use data to identify what needs changing (ie: using heat maps). Where can the user experience be improved and optimized for conversions?

Step 1: Understand Your Business Goals & Develop a Strategy

What are your business goals? How do your users behave? What is your competition doing? What makes your company and services unique? How to best connect with your target audience?

Understanding these business challenges and goals are the important first steps. Important questions to consider during this initial phase are

  • Target market for the offered services or product
  • Target audience and their needs and challenges. Creating detailed profiles of the target audience can be very helpful in this phase (persona development) to better understand how to address the target audience.
  • Competitive landscape: Who are the top competitors, what makes them unique and what are their offerings, go-to-market tactics and especially digital marketing activities. We offer detailed competitive assessments of their websites, search positions, advertising and social media activities.
  • What makes the offered service/product special compared to the competitive offers in the target market. What is the unique value proposition (UVP) of your company and/or offerings?

Based on a detailed market opportunity and competitive assessment, we develop a digital marketing strategy with measurable business goals and key performance indicators to track progress throughout the complete project life cycle. A growth driven digital marketing strategy centers around the two key activities below:

Attracting highly-engaged website visitors

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Campaign Marketing

Converting Website Visitors to Leads

  • Engaging website content with convincing marketing messages
  • Trust builder in key messages to prove unique value proposition and thought leadership
  • Great content and offering valuable information (e.g. eBook)  or specials for conversion
  • Target audience focused landing pages with audience specific messaging, content and offers

Step 2: Create a Website Centered Around Your Goals

Prioritize what matters on the website, build the base, and launch.

Identify key drivers for success, e.g. number of clicks-to-book

Target audience driven design and functionalities

Prioritize design & functions for quick market launch (80% rule)

UX Design

User-centric: creating the perfect user experience

Optimizing at Every Step

Improving on a monthly basis


Based on research and results

Ongoing: Constant Improvement and Conversion Optimization

Sure the website is launched but it’s no where near finished. Data will reveal what needs changing (ie: using heat maps, A/B testing). Where can we improve the user experience and optimize for conversions?

Referring Sites Report

Knowing which websites and search engines refer traffic to you – and what pages of your website they link to, will enable you to guide your content marketing strategy and successfully allocate your ad budget.

Content Engagement Report

Measuring visitor engagement is key to turning website visitors into leads. Knowing which blog topics command the most attention and social shares, will give you direction for achieving your content creation objectives.

Landing Pages Report

The home page is no longer the only website entry point. Using landing pages reports, you can see what content is attracting the most traffic, and how visitors are interacting with your offers and lead capture processes.

Site Search Report

Often overlooked, a site search report will show you what visitors are looking for once they land on your site – it can indicate where to make website improvements, as well as help direct development for future marketing campaigns.

Mobile Performance Report

The ever-increasing number of mobile users expect fast, reliable, and accessible web content. So, understanding how your mobile audience interacts with your website is vital to delivering engaging content.

The most important website metrics are the ones that tie closely to business results – regularly reviewing these vital reports will enable you to significantly improve your marketing impact.

Analytics Reports to Regularly Review:

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