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The Client

Since 1948, Mentis has been Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services, offering aid to the community for a variety of needs and fundraising programs such as supportive housing, fire recovery, teen and senior services, and animal assisted therapies and much more. Their impact on the community over the last 70 years has been celebrated and beloved by many.

The Challenge

As a non-profit, Mentis required a website that would inspire and inform. Their donation system used a program that would require monthly payments, limiting their funds and making donations difficult. Mentis required an integrated donation system that made is easy for users to give. The website needed ease of navigation as well as English and Spanish capabilities.

Our Solution

A user-friendly website with visual elements was created. Bold pictures were placed throughout the site to convey the proper emotion that Mentis embodies. A new donation system was integrated that did not require a monthly fee and included a donor registration system. A multi-lingual plugin was used to switch between English and Spanish on each page.

The Homepage

The main page slider features the various services allowing users the option to view and navigate in a more interactive way. A donate button is featured on top so at any point users have access to the donation page. a Spanish and English button also allow easy navigation between each lamguage on each page.

The homepage also features current news and events, a crucial element to promote fundraisers and programs, and a subscribe button also shown on the footer to increase subscribers. Tiles with clickable phone numbers below the slider allow for easy access to support and immediate help.

Inner Pages

Service pages with easy side navigation allow users to navigate through various provided services and support programs with call to actions for contact info on each page. Both English and Spanish pages exist and can be navigated between at the top.

Donation Page

Easily customizable according to donation needs, event, and more, the donation page can be accessed from every page, allowing for an increase in donations as well as can act as a landing page for advertising campaigns. No monthly fee required for the integration gives Mentis financial freedom and the ability to use Paypal for easy payment processes.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for Mobile Donations

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile donations