Napa Valley Heritage Catering

Website Design & Development

The Client

Napa Valley Heritage Catering is the culinary creation of Josh Mitchell. The mission fo the company is to use sustainable methods including raising heritage pigs. Napa Valley Heritage Catering prides itself on using locally grown foods, from humanely treated animals to locally farmed vegetables.

The Challenge

The company required a new website that would showcase their culinary creations to potential clients as well as get their message and mission across.

Our Solution

A website built on a user-friendly platform showcases images or the various foods as well as describes the company’s background.

The Homepage

The homepage features a slider with beautiful images from Heritage Catering. The page also features parallax headers and descriptions of the company’s goal and background.

Inner Pages

Users can find a culinary services page displaying the menus. Easy to browse and visually appealing.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile browsing.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile browsing.