Website Design & Development

The Client

The Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, CareerPoint and Bright Futures form a partnership of job service organizations, which leverage regional funding and local partnerships to ensure a skilled workforce. Together these organizations provide the highest quality employment and training solutions for the North Bay’s businesses and career seekers. 

The Challenge

Workforce Alliance of the North Bay, CareerPoint and Bright Futures formally maintained 3 separate and inconsistent websites. The client required a merging of their three large websites into one cohesive information and resource hub. The client also needed to feature a Business Resource Directory and a dynamic email submission form for job seekers to receive ongoing resources specific to their location, interests and career path. 

Our Solution

Our website team worked closely with committee members to develop an industry leading career resource hub. Our team migrated a comprehensive library of resources, videos and regulatory documents into one central CMS (content management system). The project also involved the task of developing a uniform branding for the three organizations along with a complex series of 301 redirects to ensure visitors to any one of the three sites would reach the information they need. 

The Homepage

The homepage features a central landing page where job seekers, employers and business owners can navigate to either of the three organization’s resources. Important was a dynamic section featuring announcements, career events and upcoming webinars. A robust navigation bar where visitors can easily reach the information they need while an embedded video prompts the visitor to learn more about Workforce Alliance and CareerPoint services. 


Main Service Inner Pages: Career Seekers

The main services of Workforce Alliance of the North Bay include services for career seekers, employers, and youth. Each have their own page featuring resources and links. The career services page for example includes job fair information, job search links, training resources, and carrer counselor contact info.


Business Resource Directory

To help career seekers and business owners get connected with local resource businesses, we built a directory categorized by industry and location. Orhanizations and businesses relevant to the community are listed here.


Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile views

Responsive Web Design


Ideal for mobile views