You know what they say… a picture’s worth 1000 words.

– Ideal for social media, email, & other marketing activities –
Downtown Joes - November Photo Shoot-4


Represent your brand online with professional photography.

Did you know that 67% of consumers say that a product image is “very important” in their purchase selection?

Think about the last time you interacted with a brand. What was the first thing you noticed? Likely the photos they had on their website, social media accounts, and online ads. Humans are visual creatures – we kind of know what we like and we definitely know what we don’t like when we see it…

How is your brand being represented online? Do you have high quality product shots in your online store? Do you have authentic service and team photos on your website?Are your social media images original or are you dipping into stock photo libraries too often?


Lifestyle Photography Services


  • Pre-Planning Consulting
  • 2-3 Hours Onsite Photography
  • 30 Minutes of Travel Included​
  • Onsite Setup & Creative Styling​
  • Post-Production Editing, Color Correction ​
  • Great for Lifestyle, Flat Lay, Furniture, Architecture ​
  • Great for Websites, Advertising, Printed & Digital Brochures​
  • Complete Lifestyle License 
  • 10 – 12 Hero Images​
    B-Roll Images (Social Media & Email Marketing)


  • Pre-Planning Consultation​
  • 4-6 Hours Onsite Photography
  • Up-to 60 Minutes of Travel Included​
  • Onsite Setup, Multiple Locations​
  • Great for Product, Food & Wine, Portrait, Harvest Photography, Events, Real Estate, Archival Images, Tasting Room, Winery & Production​
  • Premium Post-Production Editing, Framing​, Color Corrections
  • Great for Websites, Advertising, Printed & Digital Brochures
  • Complete Lifestyle License
  • 15-20 Hero Images ​
  • B-Roll Images (Social Media & Email Marketing)

Lifestyle Light Photography Services

2 hours onsite (30 min travel incl.), 30+ images, post-production editing

All Features

  • 2 Hours Onsite Photography
  • Up-to 30 Minutes of Travel Included​
  • Onsite Setup & Styling by Client​
  • Light Post-Production Editing​
  • Great for 1 – 2 Months for Social Media & Email Marketing
  • Limited License for Social Media & Email Marketing​ (add. Licenses Available)
  • 30+ Images

“I am sure you have heard this many times but that never gets old: you have an amazing team! As a new entrepreneur, trying to figure out my way on my start up company, working with Tim and Georgia yesterday was a great motivation booster. Both being the experts in their own areas made me so confident on the photoshoot we put together. They are definitely a great reflection of the WSI Next Gen Marketing team.

I look forward to working with you all on many different projects.”

– Sezin Kutlu, Sepoli


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