How a Custom Website Tells Your Story Best

Your website is your storefront. And, as with a storefront display window, you must incorporate attention-grabbing elements to draw, then hold, every passerby’s attention.

Recall the elaborate department store Christmas window display in the classic seasonal movie The Christmas Story. Crowds of potential customers gathered in focused awe to watch the spectacular, glittering collection of the season’s newest toys and gifts.

That store window told a story. Arranged within a beautifully designed winter setting, complete with an electric train traveling through the scene to keep eyes moving, the display captured the warm feelings and holiday spirit of the season.

Those fictional store marketers knew precisely who their target customers were, what they hoped to have, and offered the viewers the best option for buying those items.

Does Your Website Tell a Story?

Website visitors have a limited attention span. We have all browsed the web and were suddenly drawn to the content on a particular site that held our attention, pulling us into deeper focus.

In those instances, some notable points of interest caught your attention.

In e-commerce, before a website can convert visitors into prospects and buyers, the business must first identify the principal user types who may visit the site, address their needs head-on, and provide them with a clear path to resolving their quest.

Your website should tell the visitors in the most explicit terms who and what you are, what you are selling, and how you can help them with their needs.

Does your website tell your story?

Holding the attention of your website visitor demands engagement on an emotional level. While seeking a product or service, searchers are more attracted to exciting and entertaining stories.

Every business consists of the people who created or currently operate it.  Tracing the saga of how the company began and evolved, the background of the people, awards, civic involvement, and philosophy can be interesting if presented properly. Develop your story in words and pictures in a way that is quick to understand and internalize.

If you are a Napa Valley or Sonoma winery, a proven wine marketing agency like WSI Next Gen Marketing will help you refine your story and improve your “storefront.”

Here are some objectives for making your wine advertising story engaging:

  1. Wine is associated with fun and enjoyment. For your message to stand out among your many competitors, your website needs to be unique. The message should be fun and educational, with fascinating insights to keep the reader engaged.
  1. Give your company a “face.” Start a conversation with the visitor by encouraging the person to respond in some way. You may even reference other customers who have used your products in unique circumstances.
  1. Make your website appealing. Visitors develop an impression within the first few seconds of landing on your winery webpage. Somehow, you must keep them there. With the help of a professional wine marketing agency, you can employ an engaging color scheme, layout, and imagery that hold the visitor’s attention from the very first glimpse.
  1. Do not overwhelm the reader with text. Simplify your message while keeping the reader aware of the purpose of the visit and why they should remain engaged.
  1. Make the reader care. If visitors seek unique, high-quality wines at reasonable prices, address their goals by clearly showing how your products best attain those goals.

Let WSI Next Gen Marketing Help

Although you are already familiar with your story, working with an award-winning wine marketing agency to develop an engaging website that earns a higher conversion rate is essential. WSI Next Gen Marketing in Napa, can utilize the most sophisticated strategies and tools to attract more visitors to your website with practical tools to generate search engine optimization (SEO) for wineries.

The experienced professionals at WSI Next Gen Marketing will fashion your story into text and graphics that attract, hold, engage, and convert more website visitors.

WSI Next Gen Marketing will monitor and update your site continually, keeping your message fresh and timely.

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