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Strala Vineyards


The Client

With a passion for wine and bringing incredible flavors into people’s lives, Jason and Laura came together to create Strala Vineyards, their family-owned boutique winery offering a unique wine experience.

The Challenge

A stagnant and incomplete website made it difficult for users to discover information on the winery and purchase wines online. The existing VineSpring store needed an upgrade and to match the style of the website for a smooth experience. In a highly competitive market, wineries need to stand out with flawless websites where customers can interact and better understand the brand.

Our Solution

A website built on a user-friendly interface with an integrated VineSpring wine store allows users to easily navigate the website and make purchases. We remained on brand with the styling and colors of the website, creating a beautiful and seamless buyer’s journey. We kept the same style going into the VineSpring store so users feel as if they stayed on the Strala website and can continue to engage with the brand.

The Homepage

The homepage begins with a full screen slider to show users what their experience could be with Strala Vineyards. As users scroll down, they’ll find information about the winery, brief story, beautiful images, and links to various pages allowing for complete engagement. The wines are featured on the homepage to allow people to directly enter the VineSpring store making purchases easy. An email signup form and contact form are included on each page.

Inner Pages

The about page tells the story of Strala and features links to the wine club and lifestyle page. Users can easily understand the mission behind the family-owned winery and appreciate their passion.

A wine club page drives users to choose their experience and easily join by linking into the Vine Spring store’s wine club page.

VineSpring Integration

Customers can easily navigate to the VineSpring store and make purchases. The design of biotht he main wines page and product pages semalessly fit into the style of the website, creating a seamless user experience.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile purchases

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile purchases