Website Rebuild | Wine Store Integration

The Client

Ledson Winery is a family-owned and operated winery located in the heart of Sonoma County. Owner and winemaker Steve Ledson has made a name for himself in wine country, consistently producing highly coveted, small-lot handcrafted wines, all while celebrating his family’s deep history in the region.

The Challenge

Ledson Winery required a website as epic as their name. While the existing website design from the front looked sufficient, the backend was built on a rigid website code foundation making it difficult to complete minor changes. The website also featured the client’s winery management system, Advanced Management Systems (AMS). Unfortunately, users were taken to a new URL to shop wines online and to complete purchases. The website required a simplified user flow and menu structure.

Our Solution

Keeping the design as similar as possible, a new website was built on a user-friendly platform. A new menu structure was applied to create a simpler user experience. We worked closely with AMS to create an integration with WooCommerce. Users can now shop online without feeling like they left the website or lost their place. WooCommerce allows for complete marketing efforts to drive online sales via retargeting/re-marketing, email and marketing automation, and digital advertising.

The Homepage & Menu

A simplified and straightforward menu allows users to access all pages without cluttering the main navigation. A large font allows for easy-to-read menu items for all users. The homepage features full width section guiding users to the most important pages for the winery.

Inner Pages: Shop Wines

The shop page features a completely customizes Woocommerce store. Our engineers worked to mirror the client’s existing shop but on Woocommerce, therefore allowing for smoother integration and customization.


Inner Pages: Cart & Checkout

The cart lives in Woocommerce allowing for easy retargeting and abandoned cart marketing via email and advertising.


Inner Pages: Tastings

The new Tasting Experiences page features a vertical tabs function to allow users to easily explore offerings.


Inner Pages: Videos

The Videos page restructures content for easy browsing and is no longer hidden among the rest of the pages.


Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile wine purchases

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for mobile wine purchases