Reach & Convert New Online Buyers this Holiday Season


Savvy shoppers will seek to skip the lines and stay away from their favorite stores and malls, in an effort to socially distance this holiday season. For our wine country businesses, this means companies big and small will be competing for clients in the online space. Online shoppers are more discerning than ever. We also suggest that you put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. What would it take for a business to win your attention, earn your trust and get you to the checkout? The number one issue that our wine country businesses have when they come to us, is how do we reach new buyers and build a bigger customer base. Here’s 3 tips in 3 minutes.

Adobe Analytics reports that US shoppers will spend an estimated $189 billion online during November and December. You want to sell more this holiday season. So, you need to get your message in front of more potential buyers. More importantly than ever, this requires doing so in creative and strategic ways.

Offer Value

Want to appeal to and activate new audience members? Offering value driven incentives is a client centered approach to selling, or at minimum, staying top of mind. By paying attention to your customers, you can easily improve your offerings, build positive customer perception, and create a wildly popular brand that customers are willing to advocate for.

Online shoppers are more discerning than ever. A recent Neilson publication suggests that, in order to connect with modern online buyers, your business must offer value and engagement.

Take the guess work out of how you want your consumers to engage with and experience your brand. For our winery clients, the highest performing web pages and click-throughs are blog articles featuring high-value food and wine recipes. Most wineries have already pivoted toward some variation of virtual tasting events. Finding innovative, organic and original virtual offerings is the number one way to stay top of mind among consumers.

Our SEO company’s packages include expert written blog content to add to your website or print marketing material. Our in-house writer, photographer and recipe developer, Timothy, has helped WSI Next Gen Marketing launch an industry-first content creation service.

Tim joins our team from a background of wine sales, cooking and culinary curriculum, nutrition and freelance writing. Working for Australia’s top wineries and writing for a series of global wine and hospitality publications, Tim brings a world perspective on the culinary landscape and insights on how consumer engage with wine and food. Our wine country clients have described his SEO-driven copywriting as their secret weapon to creating website content that consumers want to engage with. Get started using value-driven content marketing, with our SEO packages tailored to meet your business needs.

Provide a Seamless Shopping Experience

Visit your website’s landing page today. Put yourself in the shoes of your consumer. Would you know what you’re supposed to do next? If you don’t know, your customers don’t know. User flow is an integral component of the website design process. It provides a virtual roadmap to how your website users will engage and experience your website. Does your winery website have appropriate prompts to learn more about your wines and add them to the cart? Does your real estate website allow your buyers to experience your listings in a user-friendly way?

Is your retail website and store set up to be mobile friendly? Your users now demand responsive and mobile website design. From tablets, tv and smartphones to laptops and desktops, your website needs to transition seamlessly for continuity and consistency of customer experience.

Did you know, that during the 2019 holiday season, American consumers spent an astonishing $50 billion online, from their handheld device.

Want to find out if your website performance is up to par for the holidays? Through the week of Cyber Monday, WSI Next Gen Marketing are extending FREE website evaluation and audits to ALL businesses. It’s part of our commitment to ensure that our local businesses are growing and succeeding, together.

Utilize Digital Advertising

Delivering messages at the right time to the right audience members based on their level of brand awareness is key to drive higher rate of conversion and improved buyer experience.

Casting a too broad brand awareness campaign can cost you time and money. Your buyers are at different stages of brand awareness. We affectionately describe this as “different levels of the Sales Funnel” or “further around the Fly Wheel”. Depending on your customer’s stage in the sales cycle, it’s your job to serve relevant content to Attract future clients, Engage new clients or continue to Delight existing clientele.

Imagine if you could monitor each online consumer engagement with your brand. You could serve hyper specific messages or incentives to those who you can see have taken the time to actively engage and learn more about your brand or winery. Nurture campaigns do exactly this.

A successful ad campaign looks at the bigger picture and starts with understanding your ultimate goal.

  • Increased online sales?
  • More phone calls?
  • More subscriptions or club sign ups?
  • Visits to your establishment?
  • What is a conversion for you?

Our advertising agency has helped clients increase online sales, boost webinar and virtual event attendance, and even promote property listing to the right clientele. Creating different social media advertising audiences, depending on your client’s level of readiness to buy, plays a big part. Our digital advertising services will level-up your business’ ROI, by ensuring that your messages are hitting the right audience member.

Ready to Get Started?

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During a time when so many businesses depend on online sales, social media advertising can be a lifesaver. It can help you target people who are already interested in your brand and therefore ensure you don’t spend money on those less likely to convert. Social media is such an integral part of our everyday lives – use it to get in front of your audience and connect with them on a deeper level.​

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