All Your Napa Digital Marketing Services Under One Roof

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a marketing term that encompasses half a dozen or more digital marketing strategies. WSI Next Gen Marketing is one of the few firms that offers all of the SEO services Napa companies need under a single roof. Bringing all of your SEO strategies and services together through a single vendor not only simplifies your digital marketing, but ensures your message is consistent across all platforms. The deployment of your digital strategy involves six steps.

1. Web Design

The first step is a site that is well designed and easy to index. The newest search algorithms emphasize mobile site access, so optimizing for mobile devices is a must.

2. Onsite SEO

Onsite SEO and meta tags are the first terms that search engine web crawlers index and rank. You need to include the right keywords, including localized terms, to have the greatest impact.

3. Analytics

Next, WSI Next Gen Marketing monitors your site analytics. You can use this data to increase conversion rates and turn more visitors into customers.

4. Content

The more pertinent and substantive information you can provide potential customers, the more attractive your site becomes to the search engines. For example, a car shop may include tips on how to improve trade-in value, or a plumber might post a blog about fixing a slow moving drain.

5. Social Media

Your content serves two purposes: to act as an indexable page for the search engine, and as a piece of content that you can share on social media. Your content moves virally through your network of customers, extending the reach of your marketing.

6. PPC

When you want to make a targeted marketing push, like the day you launch a new product, WSI Next Gen Marketing can magnify your marketing efforts with PPC, or paid search advertising. PPC can temporarily raise your site to the top of the search rankings, and works as a short-term attention grabber for potential customers.

WSI Next Gen Marketing supplies all of the SEO services Napa companies require. Contact WSI Next Gen Marketing today for more information about all of our SEO services in Napa.

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