The Latest in Web Design & SEO Optimization for Napa Websites

SEO strategies and web design are always evolving to fit a constantly changing digital landscape. Today, the majority of consumers search the web to find reviews and other information about the products or services they intend to purchase. This is where having a fully search engine optimized website pays off.

Here are some of the latest and best web design and SEO techniques from Napa SEO consultants and experts, WSI Next Gen Marketing, that can help put your company and website on the first page of search engines:

1. Addressing Domain Authority

Your domain strength needs to be as high as possible. This means the more websites, blogs, social media portals and assorted directories link back to your website, the better. Bear in mind that the websites you link to need to be of high quality as well. If the search engines find your website linking to potential malware hosts, that will actually cause your ranking to plummet.

2. Planning Meaningful Content

This point cannot be emphasized enough. The best way to improve your website’s ranking is still to put up the strongest content possible. Your blog needs to be informative, and has to be able to add significant value to the visitor’s time and attention, instead of simply restating information already available on other websites.

3. Utilizing Social Media

Social media has emerged as the new metric against which internet popularity is measured. It is important to set up company pages on many of the most popular social platforms, and encourage customers to actively interact with your business through those pages. The more likes, retweets, shares and link backs to your website, the better.

4. Measuring, Reporting, Improving

Analytics are an invaluable source of information for evaluating how your blog or website is performing. Taking advantage of the advanced measuring tools available online to keep track of all the people who visit your website, those who come back for another look, the pages they visit and in general how engaged visitors are with your webpages are very valuable insights about the success of your digital marketing strategy.

5. Adaptive SEO

This is a new approach to traditional SEO services where an expert from WSI Next Gen Marketing studies your website’s needs, determine the areas which need improvement, and based on the analysis, determine customized marketing strategies designed specifically for you to be able to reach more online searchers and as a result gain more online visitors to your website and sales leads.

WSI Next Gen Marketing Can Help

To find out more about the Napa Web Design services, get in touch with a Napa SEO consultant from WSI Next Gen Marketing today!

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