A well-developed eCommerce website is likely the most critical component of your online business presence. So when you do attract prospective buyers to your site, the content must be engaging enough to grab and hold their attention long enough to view your products or services, convert them, and keep them coming back.

An effective website design firm will create an online presence that draws more visitors, holds their interest, presents your offerings in an easily discernable fashion, answers all questions, and smoothly eases the way to a flawless purchase.

But the perfect attention-grabbing eCommerce website can be a lonely place in a crowded online marketplace without an effective strategy that continually invites visitors to take their first look.

A vital key to driving more initial visitors to your online business lies in a concept known as Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, as it is more familiarly known.

What is SEO?

Search engines, most notably Google, create complex algorithms to rank search results. As users begin a search with a series of keywords, the search engine ranks sites that match the keywords most appropriately.

Statistical evidence suggests that web searchers will invariably visit those sites ranked nearest the top position. The job of an effective web design company is to stay abreast of ever-evolving search engine ranking protocols to position and maintain their clients’ websites nearest the top by using effective SEO.

How Can a Web Design Firm Maximize SEO?

The process of placing your eCommerce website near the top of the search engine ladder requires carefully managed, ongoing strategies and continual monitoring.

Expert content, response, and even interaction are necessary objectives in any SEO plan.

WSI Next Gen Marketing, located in Napa, CA, is an award-winning online commerce and marketing firm specializing in creating and strengthening the world-class brands of its clients. WSI Next Gen Marketing’s SEO approach involves a multi-pronged process, each facet managed by their team of experienced professionals.

SEO strategies involve:

  • Creating a Mobile Responsive Website
  • Developing Timely, Current Website Content
  • Presenting Ongoing Publication of Useful, Informative Blogs and Articles
  • Fine tuning the website’s code to perform flawlesly
  • Continual Social Media Sharing and Interaction
  • Building Exterior Links

Executing the Plan

Google and other search engine companies continually change their ranking algorithms to create an unbiased and equitable system that discourages silly word repetitions and “cheating” methods while encouraging high-quality, credible content.

WSI Next Gen Marketing’s strategies for enhancing a highly visible online eCommerce website are all-encompassing. The methods include:

Keyword Research: Investigate and pinpoint the keywords that online searchers use to the appropriate sites to resolve their issues within the clients’ industry.

Comprehensive Competitive Analysis: Develop a more effective marketing approach by using sophisticated data analysis tools that evaluate competitor marketing campaigns.

Website Optimization: Continually test the client’s website to ensure it performs flawlessly from both mobile and fixed devices.

Build Domain Authority: Establish your eCommerce website as a leader in your industry/geographic area with a higher search ranking by linking high-value web sources directly to your website.

Content Strategy: Becoming a thought leader in your industry is a primary driver of interest, loyalty, and brand building. WSI Next Gen Marketing’s expert team introduces ongoing high-quality blogs and articles to help viewers understand more and support revisits to your site.

Social Media: A vital component of any effective eCommerce strategy is an interactive social media presence. Driving content across many social media platforms enhances brand recognition, establishes the client’s presence as a reliable option, and encourages long-term loyalty.

Measurement and Analysis: establishing the website, creating content, and applying effective SEO strategies are only the beginning of a compelling brand-building journey. Continual monitoring, performance analysis and measurement, trend identification, and timely modifications are critical. Being responsive and flexible will help maintain your edge over any competitor and keep your content fresh and exciting to a broader audience.

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