Mostly, we think of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) as it pertains to accessibility with ramps or railings intended to facilitate access for those with disabilities.

In reality, the ADA pertains to a broad range of applications beyond mobility to help people with impairments of their senses like sight and hearing.

The mission of the ADA, when enacted in1990, was to eliminate discrimination in “public accommodations” that would result in disadvantages to those having any form of disability. More recently, due to a multitude of legal challenges, the internet was also defined as a “public accommodation,” and web designers are obligated to create ADA-friendly websites.

Unfortunately, not all web design businesses and their clients have complied with this expectation yet, and the court challenges continue.

ADA Web Compliance and WCAG 2.1 AA Guidelines

As a result of numerous lawsuits and public demand, the Supreme Court deemed that internet accessibility is as critical as building or other physical access. Therefore, web designers are now charged with creating websites that effectively address these issues.

Website Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) is a globally developed set of standards that enable easier access for individuals, organizations, and governments. The 2.1 version of the Guidelines provides a common framework for website compliance among content developers and Web-authoring tool developers and evaluators.

Creating an ADA Friendly Website

According to one source, around 20% of the world’s population struggles with some disability. Among those, 253 million people are blind or have some degree of visual impairment. In addition, another 466 million people are deaf or suffer a significant level of hearing loss.

To benefit individuals with sensory challenges who need to access the internet with computers and hand-held devices, responsible web designers create applications to help individuals with impairments see and hear online information more easily.

How Can Website Designers Create ADA Friendly Websites?

Enable Keyboard Use

Since using a mouse for navigation may be impossible or difficult for some, web designers may create a series of shortcuts that allow users to facilitate navigation.

Simplify Graphics and Page Views

Overly crowded web pages with excessive detail and many small photos are difficult enough for individuals with no impairment. Web developers can simplify pages and utilize larger images with contrasting colors and clear graphics while eliminating non-essential material.

WSI Next Gen Marketing’s blue and white icon or “Manschgerl” directs users to controls that alter existing graphics, colors, fonts, and more for easier viewing.

Alternative Messaging

Clearer text is essential for those who can see but cannot hear. For these individuals, captioning and subtitles on any video content are essential.

Sign language videos can also be an important way to tell a story.

Conversely, audio content should be available for those who hear but cannot see.

Using WSI Next Gen Marketing’s “Manschgerl”

Despite the marketing potential of ADA friendly websites, designing an ADA friendly website is still an alien concept for many website creators. Business owners should seek out design agencies that are fully involved and experienced in developing accessibility platforms.

ADA friendly websites present the next great growth opportunity for many businesses. WSI Next Gen Marketing in Napa, CA, has already developed user-friendly applications for impaired persons navigating sites with far less difficulty.

When a user clicks on the blue and white “manschgerl” icon, an extensive, easy-to-read drop-down menu appears that allows the user to make screen adjustments from a visual toolkit.

The graphics of a WSI Next Gen Marketing designed website respond to AudioEye Certified adjustments for:

  • Focus
  • Cursor size
  • Highlighting
  • Contrast
  • Color shifts
  • Animations
  • Text sizes
  • Spacing
  • Font
  • And more

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