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Visitors’ first impressions when opening your website or landing page play a prominent role in how they will respond to your message.

Will prospective clients remain on your page to learn more, or will they quickly move on to find another, more appealing site?

Note also that those who choose to move on are not likely to return.

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the art and science of creating a website or landing page experience that improves visitors’ likelihood of consummating a sale or conversion during their visit. Effective CRO and web design draw prospective buyers into your conversion funnel, where you will be more able to answer questions, inform, interact, and eventually convert.

Why is Conversion Rate Optimization Important?

Over 90% of Americans use the internet for various reasons, while over 80% of local shopping searches result in conversions. These stunning statistics underscore an absolute need to continually upgrade your presence and monitor visitor behavior to drive conversion likelihood.

Conversion Rate Optimization campaigns address all elements of a company’s online presence, including in-depth data monitoring and analysis and ongoing content testing for acceptability and adjustments when needed to improve visitor responses.

Managing your website’s effectiveness and CRO is a never-ending journey.

What Are the Principal Elements of CRO?

Focusing on only one component of your online presence will not allow you to achieve your maximum conversion potential. Shopkeepers who spend all their time on their window display to entice more traffic to come inside may not improve overall sales much if other elements of their business are substandard.

Improving your company’s CRO requires addressing several aspects of your online presence simultaneously.

The principal elements are:

  • Landing Page

As your marketing and search engine optimization activities pay off with the help of a professional website design company, visitor traffic has begun to arrive. With only a click, prospective customers can suddenly view your landing page. First impressions are critical at this point, and the clarity and appearance of your landing page will impact the visitor’s subconscious desire to remain and learn more.

Product photographs must be clear and detailed so that the visitor can see what you are selling.

The site must show that selecting items, moving them to the Shopping Cart page, and purchasing them will be simple.

  • Copy: Product and Company Descriptions

Much of the information of any site will be in copy or written format. The content may involve the relative performance of the products, sizes, descriptions, blogs, and much more.

Presenting content in an attention-holding manner requires knowing what design is appealing and what “turns off” prospective buyers.

Experienced web developers focus on headline formatting and writing styles to capture and hold interest. Attractive formats may incorporate exciting fonts, styles, and eye-catching colors.

Writing styles may be informative, conversational, whimsical, or other when conveying your message. Keeping the content interesting is the critical objective.

Professional web developers understand the impact of style and tone and create content that grabs and maintains interest.

  • Call-To-Action

Once the web visitor has chosen to remain and learn about your products, encouraging effortless action is next.

Professional web design companies understand all this attention is wasted unless every now-informed consumer is encouraged to act. Your call-to-action (CTA) should encourage the visitor to press a highly visible button for a Free Trial or Estimate, BUY NOW, or even request more information.

  • Ease of Navigation and Page Speed

Being able to understand and move about the site quickly is an essential component of any website. Expert web development companies understand this and design the features that allow seamless transition throughout the site. Cumbersome, time-consuming, and confusing dead ends shed prospects quickly.

Forms for buyers to complete should also be simple and easy to use.

Creating an Effective CRO Website

The process for developing a high conversion rate to optimize a website is technical. Working with a proven professional website design company like WSI Next Gen Marketing in Napa, CA, will help you avoid the many stumbles and restarts common with amateur web designers. Since your goal is to optimize conversions to increase sales, your marketing investment is more assured by getting your site in order as quickly as possible.

Here are the steps to making a successful web design that begins to optimize your conversion rate:


  • Research and Analysis

Monitoring and tracking how visitors respond to your current landing page and website content is the key to understanding which direction an upgraded site should take. This step takes time and requires the expertise of a professional web developer. Knowing how many conversions-per-visit along measured against bounce rates, where the traffic is coming from, demographics of buyers, and more will give string clues about how to shape your future website design.

Also, customer surveys, Google analytics, visitor feedback, heatmaps, consumer interviews, and other measurements should indicate what is working and what is not.


  • Hypothesis

With data at hand, a web designer will refashion or create a website from scratch that targets attracting and holding more interested visitors. The developer will establish metrics that will identify reactions at each stage of a visit and quantify improvement. The hypothetical additions should demonstrate how and why consumers are responding in specific ways.

Solid data should back each new hypothesis or proposed change.


  • CRO Testing

The key to recognizing improvement is a discovery process. Creating a test that measures the impact of specific hypotheses for change in a website should involve systematic and scientific evaluation.

Making several wholesale changes at once may not indicate what has worked or not worked. Each change must be viewed individually to measure impact.


  • Learning and Implementation

Some hypotheses will fare better than others in increasing your company’s CRO.  While improvement should be ongoing, an effective website design company can analyze, evaluate, and create a website that will be attractive, attention-holding, instructive, and actionable.

WSI Next Gen Marketing in Napa

Whether retail or service, businesses should focus their efforts and assets on providing the best value for their customers. Website design professionals are experienced and always current with the trends and technicalities of eCommerce.

The WSI Next Gen Marketing of Napa team understands the importance of conversion rate optimization, and a successful online presence is less expensive per conversion than broad, non-focused conventional marketing.

For information regarding improving your company’s CRO, contact award-winning WSI Next Gen Marketing, a proven online marketing company, for your no-obligation consultation.

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