As the name suggests, social media is a place to interact with friends and even to develop new ones. For businesses, various platforms allow individuals and organizations to interact directly in friendly and informative ways.

With over 82% of the United States population engaged in some form of social media in 2021, opportunities for companies to integrate their message to generate awareness and initial trials for their products will continue to flourish.

Most importantly, social media allows for focused, two-way interaction with prospective clients that can result in long-term loyal relationships.

Heed the 80/20 Rule

Social media marketers aim to develop friends and maintain their loyalty by becoming trusted informational resources.

Before beginning to tout the benefits of your company’s products and services, keep in mind that less is often more. If we only emphasize our personal strengths and advantages when communicating with friends and associates in our personal lives, we will likely end up friendless. Social media marketers should primarily provide engaging, thought-provoking, and factual information, expert suggestions, and even humor in messages that convey expertise and credibility.

It is, however, necessary to find ways to mention information periodically about your company and services without disrupting the flow of the conversation, if possible. Thus, spend 80% of your time relationship and reputation building and no more than 20% of the time promoting your company.

How to Build Trust in Your Brand on Social Media

Trust is the foundation of all solid, long-lasting relationships. A social media manager must demonstrate a trustful attitude by providing truthful information, expert insight into pertinent topics and sincerely lead prospective clients to discover positive outcomes. Become an authority in the subject matter you may be discussing.

Social media strategies should include:

  1. Share Insightful Information

Visitors to the various social media platforms are looking for reliable information about how to do something, review others’ experiences, find ways to save money, and more. On your website, Facebook page, and other platforms, incorporating pertinent and practical information that help them make the right purchasing decisions and eventually develop a loyal following as a “go-to” expert in your field.

To better understand the types of information appropriate for blogs or other commentary, marketers should first analyze who their prospective customers are and what they need. Also, review the competition’s social media output to determine they may not have addressed and focus on those.

  1. Develop Interactivity

Social media input should encourage dialogue and interaction. When you engage directly with others on pertinent topics, you begin to develop a relationship that lets you create greater brand awareness. If a prospective customer should ask a question or is looking for advice, your quick and thoughtful response will draw them closer to you on a personal level.

  1. Use Trustworthy Links in All Communication

Social media managers who provide specific data and statistics in blogs and other communications should always cite highly respected sources. Referencing Forbes or Harvard Business Review lends greater credibility to your message than an obscure marketing firm that might be trying to prove a point without solid documentation.

  1. Be Consistent with Brand Identity

Whenever you present your brand on any platform, whether in social media marketing or traditional media, a competent social media agency will ensure your brand exposure is consistent in message, style, and graphics. Your communications should always maintain the philosophies you hope to present and the images that should accompany the information. Effective brand development should include a Brand Guide that defines your logo, colors, fonts, and styles that will be used in every instance by your staff and your approved external social media agency.

  1. Encourage User Content

The goal of any social media manager is to elicit positive, unsolicited commentary and even photographs from happy customers. Prospective clients enjoy seeing products employed successfully before opting to buy. This kind of breakthrough communication will often make a difference since other buyers may also wish to share their experiences, increasing your social media exposure exponentially.

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