People browse your website in much the same way that they might stroll through bricks and mortar stores to find what they need. Online shoppers, perhaps responding to your social media marketing, may visit your website to sort through your offerings, ask questions, check prices, look for specials, learn your advantages and services, fill their shopping carts, and complete their purchases all in a matter of minutes.

But, unlike conventional, in-person shopping, a disappointed, confused, or disgruntled shopper can quickly abandon their shopping cart and visit a competitor with simply a mouse click.

A website that will hold any prospective buyer’s attention all the way to the point of conversion is critical. As more people wander the internet to learn about and purchase products and services, the visual appeal, clarity of message, and ease of use of any company’s website become ever more essential.

And, it must be noted, the pandemic of the past year has increased internet traffic across all age groups resulting in a notable shift in favor of eCommerce.

Importance of a Knockout Website

As we know, the pandemic closed many retail stores temporarily or, in some instances, permanently. People and businesses were forced to buy many goods and services online. After learning the timesaving and ease eCommerce offers, many people have already embraced online shopping for many items.

Consequently, while many malls and retail shops are suffering substantially and are trying to recover, there is no doubt that the landscape for shopping has shifted dramatically.

Your website should no longer be a fixed “brochure” that simply describes your company in general terms, according to a November 2020 Forbes article that emphasizes the ever-growing importance of an effective and appealing website.

In too many instances, company websites are inert, just showing photos and talking about their history, but not offering an opportunity to buy goods or order services. Unless they recognize that a static site does not produce sales, many of these will fail.

The pandemic highlighted website ineffectiveness for many companies as they introduced more interactive, conversion-generating sites to stay afloat.

Companies that understand that the future of business is digital are recognizing that survival depends on an engaging website, now and in the future.  Engaging websites that allow customers to learn, engage, and buy successfully could survive and even grow during the pandemic.

More importantly, these companies are better prepared for the inevitable growth of digital marketing. Even if dramatic events like the recent pandemic should occur, these companies are ready to conduct business as usual without skipping a beat.

What Makes Up an Effective Website?

The goal, whether then, is to develop a website that engages and holds client interest. Whether you are selling services or tangible products, establishing a relationship with your audience is necessary. You must be able to “talk” with your customers through updates, keeping them “in the loop” at all times, continually reinforcing the idea that your business is ready to help and available to answer any questions.

Three ways to create that desired “go-to” relationship with your clients, according to the Forbes article, are to:

  • Establish a live portal on your website that allows instant access and lets customers or prospects ask questions or express concerns.
  • Create an easy-to-use payment system for new and returning clients.
  • Appointment booking made easy: install a system that lets clients set their own appointments for services, choosing a convenient time slot when you are available.

Advertising in eCommerce

More focused than broad-scope, traditional advertising, digital advertising allows marketers to target specific audiences, maintain better control, and even establish a dialogue with potential buyers. Paid ads on social media, when managed effectively, offer a higher return on investment because your targeted audience is likely to be at your website to find what you are selling.

Therefore, an effective digital marketing strategy should bring more conversions-per-dollar-spent on digital marketing than on traditional.

An experienced digital marketing and website design company that can create your online presence with a beautifully designed and dynamic website can also oversee your social media marketing strategies while measuring and monitoring your sales success in real-time.

Work with a Proven Web Design Company

Establishing, monitoring, and continually improving your website to generate more conversions, more effortless fulfillment, and long-term relationships require special skills, knowledge, and experience in digital marketing and website design. A proven website design company can create an engaging, interactive, informative, and easy-to-use site that can boost your business while improving your return on investment.

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