If your sales and traditional marketing strategies are stagnating while your competitors’ revenue is soaring, the problem is likely where and how you tell your story. It is no secret that the internet has become the dominant influence on all our lives during the past two decades, most visibly in marketing and consumer engagement.

Fueled even further by the recent pandemic, the momentum of digital marketing and direct online sales has exploded.

Recent statistics confirm the remarkable growth of digital commerce. For example:

  • 96% of U.S. shoppers have bought products online at some time
  • In 2020, 05 billion people worldwide spent $4.2 trillion in Ecommerce
  • Online sales growth is increasing at a rate of 23% per annum

Yet, perhaps surprisingly, as many as 46% of small businesses do not even have a website

Getting Started in Digital Marketing

Expertise and experience are essential prerequisites for launching a successful and comprehensive digital marketing campaign.

In your quest to move away from a traditional marketing strategy, a successful digital marketing agency will direct a decisive and economical entry into online marketing that:

  • engages more prospective clients
  • firmly establishes your presence
  • amplifies your brand and its advantages

Successful digital marketing means creating a persistent presence on multiple social media and eCommerce platforms that best portrays your brand. With ongoing support from a successful digital marketing agency, your company’s bottom line will benefit from:

  • Higher search engine ranking through superior SEO content
  • More engaging and easy-to-navigate website
  • Real-time monitoring and metrics to guide adjustments
  • Strong email marketing and social platform campaigns

Importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) establishes your web page’s ranking as determined by the complex algorithms used by search engines, most notably Google. When someone searches for a particular item, the ranking algorithm will set the competing links in a specific order. Therefore, a highly effective SEO strategy can place your page near the top for that query, making it more likely to be viewed by the searcher.

The best marketing companies have tried to anticipate the typical searchers’ queries with strategic word combinations (keywords) that match the search.

However, Google and others have upgraded their algorithms to eliminate the earlier placement benefit of overly repetitious keyword usage in favor of high-quality, more pertinent content. As a result, the top digital marketing agencies now use top-quality, meaningful content for websites, posts, blogs, and other materials to raise their clients’ online presence.

Engaging in Social Media

Nearly everyone participates in some form of social media. Platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn foster dialogue and social interaction; Twitter and Tumblr encourage microblogging; Instagram, Pinterest, and Snapchat support photo-sharing; YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo offer video sharing. Each provides extensive opportunities to build a presence and reputation while marketing your brand.

Enterprises and associations have unique opportunities to interface directly with a broader audience on an almost personal level. While continually monitoring online activity, a digital marketing partner can respond appropriately to relevant questions and commentary

With an effective online marketing service, a company can present its brand and even establish itself as an industry expect while interacting in real-time with prospective clients through social postings, Chatbots, and interactive ads.

Creating an Effective eCommerce Platform

Your success depends on selling your products or services.

To that end, your online visitors must be able to make selections easily and be able to consummate the purchase without confusion and holdup. An effective internet marketing agency can create a comprehensive, easy-to-peruse online catalog with a streamlined Shopping Cart that makes conversions simple.

Too often, frustrated customers abandon partially filled carts because the process had become too confusing.

What About Email Marketing?

Email marketing, too, is an effective and inexpensive marketing tool.

Composed of clear personalized messaging with concise, compelling copy and attractive images and Call-to-Action, email marketing can be highly effective. A message that strikes a tone at the right time can result in a quick conversion. But, in the long term, email marketing creates brand awareness that can become top-of-mind a future moment.

Search for a Proven Digital Marketing Company

Effective business managers do not have the time to stay current with and address all the aspects of digital marketing. On the other hand, a professional digital marketing agency has the experience and the spectrum of competencies to handle each phase of brand development in the various channels.

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