Kenneth | Raymond Design

Website Design & Development

The Client

Kenneth and Raymond started Kenneth | Raymond Design in San Diego specializing in complete custom design. Their collective experience of over 40 years in the interior design industry, including education in interior architecture, gave them a well respected name with devoted clients all over the US. In 2017, they moved to Napa and were looking to refresh their image with a new website that spoke to the North Bay and Napa region.

The Challenge

Being a new business in Napa means struggling to stand out from the competition. Kenneth | Raymond Design required a visually stunning website that showcased their work and created trust in potential customers who would view their website. The old website was dated and needed a complete refresh to represent their style.

Our Solution

A website built on a user-friendly platform utilizing interesting geometric play and bold visual elements. Interior deisgn websites must be visual and eye-catching. A stunning portfolio was a must to show their beautiful work. The homepage commands attention in a unique way creating immediate interest for the visitors.

The Homepage

The homepage features an image of a closeup. Pictured is a corner of a mirror next to a wall. the wall is covered in custom-designed wallpaper. The image colors were edited to represent the timelessness fo the brand as well as the colors of the company. It was essential for users to see immediately see the detail and custom work that goes into every piece.

Portfolio Page

The portfolio page is a collection of different interior design projects, showcased in an interactive way. Users can click on the various tiles and see more pictures from each project.

Project Pages

Each individual project pages features a full screen image with a parallax effect. The images are organized in a mosaic and can be clicked on to start a slideshow.

Inner Pages

The About page highlights what is unique about the company and features a drawing of one of their projects to highlight the architecture aspect fo the business. This is essential in creating the distinction that Kenneth | Raymond Design has the educational background.

Inner Pages

The Services page highlights the various services provided in an engaging way. The services are laid out on a full screen interactive image which reacts to mouse and mobile movement.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for a Stylish Experience

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for a Stylish Experience