A sales or marketing funnel is a conceptual model for strategies to approach a wider audience, attract a segment, then provide material that entices a remaining portion to make a purchase.

As prospective buyers pass deeper into the “funnel,” content marketing strategies direct more specific information design to hold the prospect’s interest and influence a purchasing decision.

So how does a successful sales funnel odyssey convert a modestly interested customer into a fully absorbed client?

What is a Sales Funnel?

Imagine the shape of a funnel. At the top, a wide opening will admit a large volume of material to enter, narrowing to a more focused stream that eventually arrives at the narrowest point at the bottom.

Today, according to Retail Dive, 87% of prospective buyers begin their buying search in the digital marketplace before ever talking with a representative. Surfing from website to website is far easier than traveling from store to store as in bygone days. Shoppers often check out several options before deciding to pursue any of them further.

For marketers, competing in an eCommerce environment means creating a standout presence at the outset that:

  • Attracts consumers by answering all or most of their initial questions.
  • Engages your prospects with information that demonstrates your product’s superiority.
  • Delights enough to convert visitors into buying and become long-running, repeat clients.

While these elements generalize the sales funnel stages, the execution of the process can be more complicated.

Top of the Funnel: Discovery and Recognition – Answering the Customer’s Questions

The opening to the sales funnel is populated by individuals who may only be considering the purchase of a product or service that you offer. In many instances, prospects at this stage have some idea of what they like but need to identify the company and product that will best fulfill their need.

Consumers researching products or services online are looking for answers. Whether studying lawn mowers or corkscrews, an individual consumer is looking for information that helps them understand how each product works, specific advantages, and the economics of owning certain products,

A professional content marketing agency with commitment and focus will develop informational blogs, video presentations, podcasts, social media presence, and an attention-grabbing website. With targeted support, companies can project their essential message, attract more buyers, and answer most searchers’ questions.

The result of a broad dispersion of information is to answer as many questions as possible while drawing prospective buyers closer to a decision. Those who remain interested will fall into the middle section of the sales funnel, where the professional marketing agency can focus on enhancing the relationship.

Middle of the Funnel: Consideration – Developing a Relationship

Once a prospective buyer reaches the consideration phase or mid-point of the funnel, the marketing agency can focus on material that creates a connection between what the client wants and what your company offers.

Tools to draw the prospect closer include technical information in the form of white papers, guides, and case studies. Interactive resources like engaging webinars, quizzes, and online courses will draw them closer and provide information and data that supports the product purchase.

Bottom of the Funnel: The Purchase – Closing the Deal

Even as a prospect enters the third stage or bottom of the funnel, a successful sale is not assured. The prospect should have had most questions answered and fully understood your product or services but still has not conjured up the motivation to move forward.

The content marketing agency knows that proactivity is essential during the final pre-purchase phase. Some prospects may have reached this level with more than one company and require an additional “push” to make the final decision.

In this instance, the marketing agency can offer convincing competitive comparisons, prior customer testimonials, demonstrations, and even free trials to underscore your commitment to your product’s superiority.

Contests and direct email content are also helpful at this stage.

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