Developing a beautiful and engaging customer-converting website requires extensive experience and skill. However, utilizing the necessary skills and strategies to encourage searchers to visit your site is equally critical.

Attracting first-time visitors that could become new clients should be the primary mission of any successful company.

If searchers cannot find you, all website design efforts and expenses are

wasted. And, since 90% of searchers never look beyond the first page of listings during their searches, your objective must be to find ways to place and keep your website as close to the top of the list as possible.

How to Draw Customers to Your Website

Search engine optimization or SEO is about creating content that places your website in a prominent position within any search platform. Search engines, most notably Google, constantly reconfigure their search algorithms to prioritize a fair ordering of websites to rank relevant, meaningful, and factual material that is not easily influenced by clever and sometimes devious tactics.

WSI Next Gen Marketing of Napa, CA, an award-winning SEO company, utilizes its extensive experience and skilled professionals to develop, monitor, maintain, and measure its clients’ websites.

Content is king with SEO. Search engines attempt to identify and rank websites that most closely match with keywords supplied by the users. WSI Next Gen Marketing’s goal is to incorporate appropriate content into each clients’ website that will most closely match the user searches to improve the ranking.

How WSI Next Gen Marketing Achieves Long-Term SEO

Attaining and keeping a high search engine ranking for relevant keyword searches is an ongoing effort. That’s why a well-designed and executed SEO Campaign will help bring you to and maintain a top search position.

The WSI Next Gen Marketing Process, as a successful SEO company,  consists of multi-faceted strategies, each designed to establish and sustain high search rankings for their clients. These include:

  • Keyword Research: A WSI Next Gen Marketing SEO specialist analyzes competitive marketplace sites to pinpoint keywords searchers use for related products and services.
  • Competitive Analyses: Evaluate competitor campaigns for opportunities based on specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Website Optimization: Create website crawlers that evaluate the highest value content present with each search platform.
  • Build Domain Authority: Create a ranking of authority within the client website by high-value sources to your website.
  • Content Strategies: Build compelling and fresh content with engaging and authoritative blogs and articles to draw users back to your site as a thought leader in your field.
  • Social Media: Create high awareness of your brand and product through active engagement across numerous social media platforms.
  • Measurement and Analysis: Continual monitoring allows WSI Next Gen Marketing to keep abreast of market change and trends. The SEO company can identify opportunities and changes and make timely improvements by applying appropriate metrics and analysis.

Measuring Success: A Case Study

After implementing a carefully crafted and monitored SEO Campaign, WSI Next Gen Marketing has substantially increased one Napa Valley tourism-related company’s online presence and search visibility. Comparing the company’s online search activity between June 2019 and June 2021:

  • In June 2021, total website visits to the site had increased from 8,527 in June 2019 to a total of 28,036, a remarkable increase of close to 230%!
  • And, during that month, organic searches, those that landed on the client’s page during a simple online keyword search, increased from only 5,672 to whopping 15,808 (+178%) and attracted 56% of all website visitors.

  • Other sources of increased website activity such as display and search advertising, referrals, social media engagement, and more grew similarly during that timeframe.

Just as with a “bricks and mortar” presence, substantial increases in views and visits will enhance your opportunity to make your case, improve your brand recognition, increase sales, grow your reputation and “word-of-mouth” recommendations, and expand your business.

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