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Modern day marketing means leveraging new and innovative ways to appeal to and activate new audience members. The good news is that creating campaigns with strong, emotional appeal isn’t only accessible by brands with a (*insert 5 to 7-) figure marketing budgets. You and I can most likely agree on what defines a standout brand. Your quality service or problem-solving product will always be your number one asset.

However, it has become more important than ever to ensure that your social media images are relevant and seasonal in order to constantly resonate with real human beings.

Our New Lifestyle Photography Packages

Light Lifestyle

Our Lifestyle Light photography package captures authenticity with minimal frills. It’s designed for the ultra-seasonal media strategy of Story Tellers and Thought Leaders.

What we love about our Lifestyle Light package is that it’s a monthly library relaunch. This light offering provides an organic gallery that brings emphasis on your seasonal surroundings, allowing the ambient space and faces of your workplace to speak for themselves. This package is great for winery photography as you can get new seasonal photos to express the beauty of the winery each season.

Important to know is that the Lifestyle Light photoshoot is intentionally improvised. Our photographic services experts will not be available to provide assistance as they may on a Half or Full-Day Lifestyle shoot. We think that this is a package perfectly positioned for well-established businesses who simply wish to keep social media fresh as your operation moves through the motions.

For $600 per shoot or $450 per month as an ongoing service, you can allow us to capture an authentic and candid account of what it is that you do through an outside lens with a fresh perspective. Working with our winery and hospitality clients during COVID-19, we appreciated that while many of our local clients may have creative in-house team-members, resources have been forced to be better utilized in other parts of the business. At WSI, we simply want to assist our community with the support they need, when it matters the most, and give you relief from social media stress.

Fill your media library with 1-2 months of visually appealing storytelling assets. Lifestyle Light delivers approximately 20 to 30 quality images captured by our photographer. Although this package may yield a higher number of shots, our creative team will apply minimal post-production editing to your images while ensuring they are social media ready. We request a 3 day turn around for these images, unless priority processing is agreed on for the photographic services provided.

Note: Lifestyle Light images are intended exclusively for social media and email marketing purposes.

Perfect for: Fresh winery images, seasonal restaurant or cocktail menu, creative on-premise or café images, retail boutique.

Half Day

Our Half Day Lifestyle package captures a small curation of high-quality custom branded imagery. Revitalize your content calendar with a refresh of content that shines light on your very specific product.

Half Day shoots provide that little extra time to get down and dirty with a pre-defined hit list of shots. This includes high-quality photographs of your Christmas campaign, seasonal restaurant dishes, a new renovation or furniture refresh to your bricks and mortar or a headshot session with a couple recent recruits. Our clients with local Napa hospitality establishments have been requesting this type of shoot to archive some mandatory photos to promote their COVID-19 precautions.

With new restrictions to on-premise venues and wineries, we’re helping companies like yours showcase how you’re helping your customers stay safe with squeaky clean new service procedures and social distancing solutions. We’ve also helped teams show off their innovative tasting experiences and food and wine take-away arrangements.

Take advantage of our new Half Day photography package for $1350 which delivers 10-12 standout shots. We know there’ll be additional, and these will be conditional. If you like them so much, we’ll give you the whole bunch**.

Full Day

Our Full Day Lifestyle Package is designed to get your social media presence on the path to profitability.

Whether it’s a new product or vintage release or maybe you’ve just launched the business of your dreams. To stand out in a saturated market you need a carefully curated collection of high-resolution images which simply don’t come from our candid shoots. We know as marketers that this requires time and preparation. We work closely with our clients to understand what your media needs are through a well-thought out discovery phase.

We schedule time for a virtual kickoff call, there’ll be coffee, conversation and lots of collaboration. If there’s any advice we can pitch your way, it’s that social media and your media library should never be considered as an after-thought.

An efficient Full Day photography shoots require a crystal-clear checklist of what images need to be captured and created. We generally allocate 4-6 hours of onsite shooting and aim to hand-craft a minimum of 15-20 key images. On full day shoots our photographer will bring mobile studio lighting to capture ultra high-quality shots. These highly detailed shoots require time and expertise for onsite setup, staging, styling together with 4-6 hours of post-production editing using our fancy software to make your shots shine.

We often ask for the undivided attention from a member of your team to assist in style consultation and final approval. From tidy surfaces, polished products and well swept surroundings, we request pre-preparation from your end to ensure all areas and assets are photo ready. Some of our clients request coverage at multiple sites or a series of different shots.

Perfect for Food & Wine menu pairings, Staff Portraiture, Harvest Photography, Winery Photography, Events, photographing Real Estate Listings, Tasting Room changes or Winery Production​.

Both Half and Full Day photography packages are provided to you with

“Complete Lifestyle License”. This agreement gives you the freedom to use your library however you desire from Website use, Advertisements and Printing Collateral to Social Media and Email Marketing.

** Additional B-Roll images. B-Roll images are other outstanding shots from shoot that we include because we care about offering you value. Our Half and Full Day packages are not designed to capture as many shots as we can but instead a strong portfolio of highly specific advertisement worthy images and the client pays for additional setup, lighting equipment, preparation and enhanced editing. We do not guarantee how many B-roll images are included.

Additional Terms and Conditions apply.

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