No matter what industry your business is in, social media offers the opportunity to establish your brand as a thought leader. Customers now expect that your business has a presence in the social media space to share not just the product but the culture around your product or service along with social proof. Customers look to social media to validate your brand and establish trust. Here’s why social media marketing is essential for your brand today.

Let’s start by reviewing the approximate number of active users on social media in the US (2021):
Facebook: 300 million
Instagram: 140 million
LinkedIn: 180 million
Twitter: 68 million
Tik Tok: 80 million
Pinterest: 478 million

As the volume of social media users across the country continues to grow, social media has become a driver for product search and ecommerce. It has become increasingly important for businesses to maintain an active presence and one of the best parts, is social media marketing has a low-cost commitment.

Why social media marketing plays an important role in the customer buying journey

Social media marketing is more relevant than ever, with ready-to-buy customers, tourists and businesses using social media as a search engine. Users are now accustomed to opening their preferred application and using the search function to show local and relevant businesses. Let’s use Instagram as an example. Using any of Instagram’s robust search functions (e.g. “Popular”, “Accounts”, “Tags” or “Places”) a search for your desired keywords can yield a list of local business that fit the description.


“Real Estate Napa”

St. Helena Real Estate, is one example of a local Napa based real estate firm, using social media marketing to showcase active listings. Beautiful, on-brand social media posts encourage interested buyers to learn more about their properties and visit their website with just a couple of clicks.

The biggest advantage of social media is that customers shop with their eyes. If you’ve got a beautiful product to showcase, then its sure to stand out in your customer’s social media feed over any number of your competitors.

Where “social media marketing” relates to unpaid or organic social media presence, “social media advertising typically refers to paid social media reach. Companies can pay Facebook a small “boost” budget to increase the visibility of select posts to hyper targeted audience. A social media agency would be a good starting point if you are thinking of elevating your reach using more sophisticated social media advertising. A well curated advertising campaign done together with agency insights on audience creation and generating look-a-like audiences from your existing customers will give you a great head start and an advantage over your competitors.

Can social media marketing drive people to my website?

Yes, both social media advertising and social media marketing are key to generating leads to your website or landing page. Social media in this sense helps to attract and engage potential leads. Customers can recognize within an instant if your social media account aligns with their needs and lifestyle. Followers, likes, post consistency and engagement all lend social proof and evidence that your company serves a purpose, which together help you establish your customer’s trust.

If customers are impressed by your social media presence, there’s a high likelihood that they double click on your website link to visit the online store or find out more information. Consistency with social media posts helps gives life, image and identity to your brand. The ultimate reward for your social media efforts, is that your company stays top of mind for the consumer when they’re in the market for your product or service.

Social media marketing can be created in-house, by a member of your team who lives and breathes your product and vision. They are often the ones who can relate best to your customer’s needs. The catch is that the day to day of running a business can mean marketing activities fall by the wayside. Our social media experts at WSI Next Gen Marketing have deep experience and long supported our client by helping them reach their online marketing goals. Working with a social media agency is a fantastic way to elevate your brand image and set you apart from competitors. Our team takes time to understand the unique history, values, and story behind your brand to connect with your customers exactly the way you would.

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