Butter Cream Bakery

Website Design and Development

The Client

For over 70 years, Butter Cream Bakery has served Napa Valley’s hungry residents. With a nostalgic diner vibe and a bakery filled with homemade items, this shop has rightfully so become a staple of the region. Butter Cream Bakery has long-lasting family recipes that draw in locals time and time again. Its busy diner, packed in the weekends, and tasty bakery boasting famous recipes from 1960 have made the store a legend.

The Challenge

Butter Cream has a strong reputation in the Valley but in order to attract new customers and tourists, it needed a new website. The old website was too busy with a dizzying amount of colors and images that proved to be non-user-friendly. The bakery items were not listed on the site either. For a time, bakeries lost popularity in the U.S. But now, a new wave of popularity for these bakeries has hit the market and small shops are popping up everywhere. To stay current and ahead of the competition, a new and fresh website was a must.

Our Solution

Staying true to the nostalgic feel of Butter Cream Bakery, the new website showcased images from the 1960’s. The client had many old photos of the business so it was integral that we put them front and center. With a little color editing, we brought these images back to life using the pink tones found in the logo. The website includes an about page with a timeline feature to showcase the history and old images of the company. The bakery now has a comprehensive list of the items offered as well as promotes the cakes for special events. Previously, the client never received questions or concerns form the contact form. Since the new website launch, there have been many messages from the website by eager customers.

The Homepage

With a wide-screen slider, the homepage sets the tone for the website, showcasing its long-lasting reputation in the Valley and with colorful touches, highlighting the bakery items.

Inner Pages

The Bakery page highlights the various bakery items sold. With the image buttons, users can click the category and be taken down to that specific section. Within each accordian, there are images and descriptions of the items. The About page dives into the history of Butter Cream Bakery. A mini gallery shows pictures form the past followed by a timeline of newspaper clippings that open in a lightbox, from 1958 to the current year.

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for browsing menu options on-the-go

Responsive Web Design

Ideal for browsing menu options on-the-go