Create a Better Mobile Responsive Design for Napa Company Websites

Napa, CA – April 2, 2016—The internet is evolving, with more and more users opting for mobile device access over traditional desktops and laptops. Movement to mobile devices created a challenge for companies, because older websites are poorly optimized for mobile displays. In a new joint effort, WSI Next Gen Marketing and the Concierge Alliance of Napa Valley and Sonoma (CANVAS) are bringing the mobile responsive design Napa businesses need to compete on a changing and mobile internet.

Without a mobile responsive design, Napa businesses fail to capitalize on the unique mobile market. A website that is not optimized for mobile users loads slowly on mobile devices, lacks the navigation features that mobile users need, scales poorly to the smaller screen size, and creates a barrier between the company and the consumer.

mobile-website-design The new agreement between WSI Next Gen Marketing and CANVAS aims to bring mobile optimization and digital marketing support to the 1100 members of the CANVAS network. The members come primarily from the service and hospitality industries, and form the backbone of the Napa Valley economy.

By delivering an emphasis on mobile optimization, and the mobile responsive design Napa companies require, WSI Next Gen Marketing will increase the visibility of CANVAS members on a large scale, and build a solid foundation of community economic growth the will prove an economic benefit for all businesses in the region.

In addition to website support and optimization, CANVAS members will receive special pricing on all digital marketing services. WSI Next Gen Marketing will offer a series of educational forums on digital marketing strategies and other marketing topics to CANVAS members in an effort to foster a sense of community and inclusion.

About WSI Next Gen Marketing

WSI Next Gen Marketing is a leader and innovator in digital marketing and website services. Through a focus on both the architecture of a website, and the curation of site content, WSI Next Gen Marketing builds a strong online presence that attracts new consumers, with increased conversion rates.

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