WSI Next Gen Marketing will be Attending 27th Napa Expo

Napa, CA – October 27, 2016 -The 27th Napa Expo, occurring on November 27th at the Napa Chamber of commerce from 4:30-7:30PM, promises to be an event that should not to be missed by members of the trade industry; from fresh entrepreneurs looking to get their feet wet in professional circles to seasoned businessmen wanting to scope out the competition. WSI Next Gen Marketing, an online marketing company offering Napa SEO consultant services and more, is proud to announce they will be attending the Napa Expo.

The locally owned branch of the global WSI franchise, WSI Next Gen Marketing aims to use the expo to provide the public with a chance to greet the men and women behind the company.  WSI Next Gen Marketing will interact not only with the guests, but also the other companies that will be on display at the expo. In the new age of digital publicity, any business that does not establish a strong presence in the cyber world lies in danger of being left behind by the competition. WSI Next Gen Marketing aims to present practical online solutions to companies and businesses that will help elevate them above the competition.

With more than 80 vendors agreeing to participate, the Napa Expo promises to be bigger and better than ever.In the spirit of keeping the occasion fun and interactive, prizes will also be awarded to participants who can win special offers, discounts, and various other gifts.

Contact WSI Next Gen Marketing directly for more information about their Napa Expo appearance, or for information about their Napa SEO consultant services.

About WSI Next Gen Marketing

A leader and innovator in the world of cyber marketing and other web services, WSI Next Gen Marketing serves as an SEO consultant in Napa whose main focus is on online marketing, as well as the curation of site content, with the aim to build a strong presence online that will attract new customers and increase conversion rates.

For more information, please visit, or call 707-681-5096.

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