Physically Apart but Digitally Together: How to Reach Your Audience During COVID-19

2020 started on a high note but the positive energy quickly faded as people all over the world faced a crisis. COVID-19 has cancelled travel plans, conferences, and gatherings, forced people to stay home, and has resulted in the closing of many businesses. Employers and employees everywhere are feeling the effect of this pandemic, from decreased revenue, employee lay-offs, and business shutdowns. Isn’t it time we do something about it?

As social creatures, we crave conversation and interaction. It’s no wonder that time spent online has already spiked in the last three months. In previous major crisis, Neilsen reported an increase of 60% for TV usage (including online streaming services). It’s safe to say that in 2020, people’s TV, Internet, and social media time will drastically increase as well.

Businesses all over the world are trying to get creative – how can they reach their customers now that their physical doors may be closed? This is the time where the Internet can become your best friend.

The biggest thing any business can do is convert to a digital business.


If you’re not selling online, now is the time to do so. Use E-Commerce to sell online. People are cooped up in their homes most of the day. They’re going to be online shopping – it’s only natural. If your store is already online, make sure it’s functioning flawlessly! The world will be seeing an increase in website traffic so that means slower connections, but no time for slow websites!


Many states are allowing restaurants to accept take-out and delivery orders. Integrate an online ordering system into your website so people can place their orders and pay with a few clicks.

Fitness & Sports

It’s time to bring back those 80’s workout videos. Or at least a version of them. Think, live or pre-recorded workout classes.

Professional Services

Depending on your business, you still may be able to service clients via calls and video sessions. Regardless, use this time to educate and inform your potential customers. Offer live webinars and create blogs to educate people. After all, your service still matters, and people will now have the time to engage with your content and learn about what you offer.

Experiential Businesses

While people may not be able participate in your service right now, they’ll definitely be planning ahead – ready to book a trip once this is all over. Folks are browsing the Internet for deals right now – show up at the right time offering discounted gift certificates. Consider advertising and email marketing to promote discounts.

What Should Your Business Do ASAP?

Social Media Announcements

The quickest way to reach your audience is via social media. Make a post and let everyone know exactly what your business is doing. Include working hours, remote work, and any changes to your service. During a time when people have less physical access to your business, you must stay connected social media marketing.

Social Media Advertising/Boosting

Business page posts are shown very little to their audiences. Consider adding a few dollars to boost your post to ensure everyone sees it. Advertising is another great avenue to get your message across, especially if you are running a specific campaign.

Update all your listings

Google My Business, Yelp, Apple Maps, Bing Local, etc. These are often the first things people see when searching for your business. Make sure they are updated with your hours and service info.

Send an Email

Yes, we all received a million emails from businesses about COVID-19 but it’s still important for your business to reach out. Customers (especially those with current purchases, appointments, reservations) should know what’s going and what to expect from you. If your business is very personal, reach out to individuals as needed.

Update Your Website

Consider adding a popup to attract website visitors’ attention or add a note on the homepage that’s easily visible. Include helpful information about what your business is currently doing. Remember to update your hours, contact info, location, etc.

How to Get People to Engage with Your Content

Everyone is browsing social media and they are probably seeing the same thing – terrifying articles posted by aunt Suzie which has been shared by mom and privately messaged to you by dad. While it’s helpful to post virus-related content, remember, people want to see positive posts. Share educational life-saving content when relevant but also instill hope. Plus, medical companies and government organizations will be posting plenty of medical content.

Your audience is following you because you excel at selling swimsuits or wine or legal services or sandwiches! The crisis shouldn’t stop you from sharing your products or services, office updates, or educational content. Of course, for example, if you’re in the hospitality and tourism industry, don’t say “come and book now.” Instead show your beautiful destination and say “we’re anxiously awaiting your return.” Or something like that.

Utilize video to attract attention. People in their homes are missing out so recreating experiences online will lead to higher engagement – think, webinars, live videos, virtual experiences. Advertise these efforts and campaigns to reach a wider audience.

And show people what your company is up to. Are you working remotely? Share it with the world. People love seeing the staff of a company most – it creates a community around your brand! They’ll be supportive too and you’ll surely see a spike in engagement.

A Message from WSI

It’s a scary time to be alive but our hearts are filled with hope. People all over the world are taking action, communities are supporting each other both offline and online, and medicine is more advanced than ever. We will get through this and we will better ourselves because of it. Our team at WSI Next Gen Marketing is fortunate enough to have the ability to work from home. We are 100% available for our clients and community and are here to provide support. We wish everyone to stay healthy, safe, and hopeful.

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