Introducing Wine Bottle Photography


You’ve made your wine and it’s time to make it shine. In the digital age your label needs a strong and confident online presence, whether it’s a tech, sales or tasting room sheet, PR, media or competition submission. A high-quality bottle shot for your online wine store or other marketing efforts will always be the best representation of your brand due to its timeless and professional aesthetic.

Your marketing team is nimble and multi-talented. Marketers are creatively minded by trade and there’s little that they can’t adapt to. But when it comes to wine bottle photography, it’s a whole different playing field.

Why is Bottle Photography challenging?

The difficulty of photographing wine bottles isn’t due to the vino but the vessel itself. Glass is notoriously difficult to capture due to its highly reflective nature, demanding an elaborate configuration of lighting sources and diffusion material. Professional photographers use rooms that are dedicated to capturing the product with minimal objects in the surroundings. A communal office space or warehouse, for instance, may result in a number of reflections in the wine bottle that can be difficult to remove in post-production. Our advice is to allocate an empty office or conference room with minimal surrounding windows. This shooting environment provides a clean and open space to work in with low ambient light, which can also be important to avoid unwanted reflections.

Why is Bottle Photography expensive?

Wine bottle photography is not as straight forward as a simple point and shoot. The key elements to a well photographed wine bottle are to capture every nuance of detail. This includes capturing and highlighting each aspect from the paper stock texture, debossing and expensive foil stamping, to the color accuracy of the label art, capsule and wine itself.

Using industry leading equipment (Paul C Buff Einstein lighting) we create a professional three-part studio lighting setup. The color accuracy technology of our Einstein flash units ensures us consistency across any sequence of bottle shots. Using light modifiers with multi-layer diffusion material, we can achieve a very pleasing and flattering aesthetic to the surface of your wine bottle.

Our Process

30 minutes preparation and photography per bottle. This including receiving, unboxing, cleaning, polishing, staging, ensure accurate lighting. Each bottle is photographed 4-6 times via live capture view. With the aim of efficiency and accuracy always top of mind, we connect our mirrorless camera to a desktop monitor via high-speed tethering cable so that our team can visualize your product shot seconds after the shutter is fired. Picking up and quickly fixing imperfections like dusting, removing fingerprints or performing a minor product rotation, form the nitty gritty steps to ensure we’re working with the best possible shot before moving into post production.

What is post production?

30-40 minutes post production per bottle. The final stage of product photography often involves uploading from camera to editing software to perform any necessary color correction, seam removal and fine tuning the resolution if needed. Using the best photo editing software we can perform fine touch ups including spot, scratch, dust and glass seam removal. Most importantly, is creating a website friendly PNG file for all of your marketing purposes. This involves using Adobe Photoshop to select and extract the background from the photograph to produce a defined bottle shape. We optimize each photograph for web, store securely before delivering to you or the client. For expert tips on product photography and post production workflow, become a pro with Max Bridge from Square Mountain Photography.

Recipe for Success

For the best presentation please send or deliver 2 (TWO) bottles with perfectly intact labels and capsule. We request two bottles to ensure that if for any reason the bottle is unusable, we have a backup to work with. When selecting a bottle to send please also ensure that the glass seam is located at the rear or side of the bottle. This is particularly important for white and Rosé wines with clear glass.

White Wine and Rose Wines

If submitting transparent (white wine, rosé, beer and spirits) bottle/s please ensure that the rear label is removed prior to sending. This ensures that the rear label does not distract from the front label photography. Note: Removal of rear label will attract an additional fee of $30.00 per wine bottle.


Single Bottle Photography Pricing

1 – 10 Bottles:
$150.00 per wine bottle

Bulk Bottle Photography Pricing

10 – 15 Bottles:
$145.00 per wine bottle

15 – 20 Bottles:
$140.00 per wine bottle

Delivery & Return

Due to the complex setup required, we conduct our wine bottle photography once per calendar month on the last Tuesday of each month. Our once monthly sessions generate a high volume of orders. We strive to deliver the quickest possible turn around which is generally 5-7 business days.

Please arrange postage to our local UPS store at 952 School St Napa, CA, 94559 or FedEx Store at 702 Lincoln Ave, Napa, CA, 94558  where our team can happily pick up for you. If you would like us to return ship your product, this can be arranged at client’s expense or pickup can be organized.

If it’s important to you, it’s important to us. As a B2B business we care about the growth of your company and helping you achieve the client success that you deserve. We know how close you’ve worked with your designer and printer to achieve your dream label and like you, we’re sticklers for finer details. Give us a call and find out how we can help you.

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