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Addressing your Challenges

Fierce Competition

How to Break into an extremely competitive market and stand out from the crowd.

Being Found

The struggle of climbing Google’s ranks, creating effective digital ads, savvy social media, and wholistic marketing techniques.

Losing Money to Distribution

Wineries don’t make much money selling through distributors. Direct-to-Consumer solutions are a must.

Join the Competition

Northern California and specifically Napa is known for wine. Since there are over 400 wineries with tasting rooms in Napa Valley alone, the wine industry can be ruthless. With such a competitive winery scene in Napa, it is essential that the website for your winery is stunning, mobile friendly, and easy to navigate for direct-to-consumer purchases. WSI knows how to make a fast loading website that is both visually appealing and best showcases your unique brand.

Research has found that social media is a crucial element for wineries. Consumers look at reviews of wineries as well as their social media to get a better idea of the brand – this is how they choose you over the competitors.

Your Winery is worthy of being Found

When consumers are searching the web for the best restaurant in their area, 95% of them will not even click on the 2nd page that Google has to offer. It is important for your winery to be one of the Top 10 because those are the websites that receive the most total clicks.

It is important for a winery to have a brand that marks it as distinct so you can be differentiated from competitors. WSI knows exactly how to establish and maintain a brand management strategy that conveys commitment to a high quality product and memorable experience.

Losing Money to Distribution

It is no secret that wineries do not make significant margin selling through distributors. Direct-to-consumer sales now account for 60% of revenue for wineries. It’s more critical than ever to connect with customers and stand out from other competitors both online and in the tasting room.

Due to laws surrounding the sales of wine, WSI knows exactly what ecommerce solutions that are specifically tailored for the wine industry such as WineDirect, VineSpring, VinSuite, and more.

According to the 2015 American Wine Survey,


of customers rely on Facebook as their most visited social media platform for finding a winery.

There are 989 million Facebook users who use the mobile app daily, so it is essential for your winery to have a strong Facebook presence.  Only 6% of respondents stated that they did not use and form of social media to come to a decision on where to purchase wine.

And this is how we solve it…

A Professional Website

A custom designed stunning website that better differentiates your winery from competitors.

Direct-To-Consumer Marketing

Selling directly to the consumer with integrated e-commerce stores for your website.

Graphic Design Work & Photography

Bottle shots, label design, and interactive vineyard maps.


Be Found Online with Digital Marketing

SEO tactics to rank on Google, digital ads to reach your target audiences, & social media to keep customers engaged.


Show the World what is Unique about your Winery

Building a Professional Website

Every winery is different so every winery website we build has a custom design including customized integrations to align with your business processes and future goals. We do not offer a one size fits all template and push wineries to fit into the box.  Rather we sit together to understand what makes your winery unique and how we can build an elegant solution to fit your needs while giving your target market a seamless website experience.

Mobile-Friendly. In the age of modern technology, previously time consuming questions like, “Where should we go wine tasting?” are answered with just a click of a button or a swipe of a screen. Mobile-Friendly isn’t only critical for users but now Google is ranking websites based on their mobile websites.

Direct-to-Consumer Solutions

Direct-to-consumer wine shipments have increased by about 15.5% in 2017. Studies show that 35% of these shipment purchases were made in September, October and November so it is important to focus on direct-to-consumer in the fall.

Direct-to-consumer sales now account for 60 percent of revenue for wineries. It’s more critical than ever to connect with customers and stand out from other competitors both online and in the tasting room. We integrate stores such as VineSpring, vinSUITE, WineDirect, VinoShipper, or WooCommerce into your website for a seemless user purchasing experience.

Reach Your Target Audience

Search Engine Optimization. With the help of Search Engine Optimization, your websites, blogs and online store will grow immensely. Customers trust search engines (i.e. Google) to guide them towards which winery is best. We help your website climb the ranks through intensive wine industry keyword research as well as optimizing your website and content population from blog creation to social media.

Digital Ads & Email Marketing. It’s important to keep your current wine club members engaged with great content like through email marketing. Email lists are a must for wineries. Digital ads on the other hand help you reach your target audience and expand your customer base.

Social Media & Reputation

We use Social Media to promote your business as it’s important both for Search Engines and consumers. Wine is considered an “experience good” which means consumers usually make their choice based on the opinions of friends and experts who help them decide which wine to purchase.

Managing your reviews online is integral to creating a customer base. We implement tactics to make sure more people are leaving great reviews.


What else can we do to help your winery?

Interactive Vineyard Maps

Using aerial photos, we can create an interactive vineyard map that responds to mouse-hover or click. These can be embedded into any website and used for educational and management purposes.

Imagine a tour coming through your winery. Simply pull out a tablet, pull up your webpage with the map, and showcase each block with the details that pop up. Use it to guide employees and manage the vineyard.

Wine Bottle Photography

Bottle Shots with transparent backgrounds to be used on your website or however you wish. Photoshopping and edits included of course.

Logo, Labels, & More

We offer graphic design services for your winery. Whether it’s a logo, label, or t-shirt, we can help.

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