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Reach the Spanish-speaking community & open a new door for your business.

Did you know that 28% of Californians speak Spanish at home? And that 13% of the U.S. population speaks Spanish as a first language? This raises the question: is your business neglecting this important group?

Many businesses are overlooking Spanish speakers. This means that if you embrace Spanish marketing and dual-language, you’ll have a one-up on your competition. With strategic marketing tactics like dual-language website, Spanish ads, and Spanish SEO, your company can dominate your industry.

Spanish Translation Services

We offer translation services so you can translate your website, advertisements, social media, and more. Spanish content will help you connect with audiences on a deeper level. 

Dual-Language Website

The first thing to do if your company wants to reach Spanish-speaking consumers is to translate your website. With the dual-language option, users can switch between English, Spanish, and any other language. You can therefore promote your services in Spanish, run Spanish ads, and have audiences land on these specific pages.

Dual-language website consists of having a translator translate each page and then implementing the dual-language technology on the website to allow users to switch between different versions of the pages.


WSI implemented a dual-language website for Mentis, Napa’s Center for Mental Health Services. As a nonprofit, providing aid to the Napa community, it was essential to have a Spanish version of their website.


Spanish Advertisements

It’s easier than ever to run an advertising campaign targeting Spanish-speakers. Facebook advertising allows you to target people who have their browser set to Spanish. Google Ads does this as well.

And the best part? The competition for Spanish-language keywords is much lower so CPC (cost-per-click) can be as low as 75% less than the English equivalent keywords. Learn more about digital advertising.

Spanish SEO

If you choose to have Spanish webpages, Spanish SEO is the next step to ensure audiences now find those pages.

Search engines try to show websites to Spanish-speakers that indicate the language in the domain (for example, Then the search engine crawlers will choose the website that features relevant keywords. Spanish SEO is not as common as English. Therefore, with a Spanish keyword research and proper implementation, your website can really rank for the specific terms. Learn more about SEO.


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