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Website Design & Development

Today, there is no more important aspect of commercial outreach than a company’s webpage. It’s as important as a flagship brick-and-mortar store, and will be the basis of most new leads’ first impressions of your company.

The better a company website is, the better that company will perform.

Website design has evolved tremendously alongside the evolution of the online consumer. That means that a customer’s experience with your brand could span across multiple times and devices! Any web design solution these days should be entirely responsive, which enables you to build consistent digital properties that deliver a quality online experience on every screen imaginable.

When your website’s user experience and design is consistent on a desktop, tablet and smartphone, you prolong and encourage interactions with your digital properties and will convert more visitors into customers. Any discrepancy in the look, or usability of your site will fall well below any online consumer’s expectations and potentially halt their experience with your brand.

Implementing a website design and development strategy with us will empower you to cater your customer experience to your audience’s behavioral and technological expectations. Below is a video to explain our approach to a successful website design and development:

Seven Steps to Great Website Design and Development

  1. Discovery & Targeting

Like all good marketing materials, a website has a particular audience in mind, and is written to cater to them. Research is crucial here. The better a company understands its audience, their desires, and their pain points, the better their website will be able to engage its audience.

  1. Budget

Money spent on a website isn’t a simple cost; it’s an investment which will ideally pay off throughout the life cycle of every customer. Your website will be an integral part of a customer’s experience from first touch to post-sale.  So budget accordingly.

  1. Cross-Media Planning

Think of your website as a hub, the end destination for all your digital outreach methods. Create a full digital marketing plan that includes elements such as video marketing, social media, and mobile strategies so that you see how each area connects to your website.

  1. Design & Build

If a company has laid plenty of groundwork in the first three steps, designing the website will be relatively easy.  The look and feel of the website are dictated by the audience and purpose.

  1. Test & Debug

Testing is crucial, but many companies skimp on it.  The more different setups you test your site on, the better.  Be especially certain to test a wide variety of mobile devices.  Mobile browsing is now more common than desktop browsing!

  1. Launch Activities  

Capitalize on your new website launch!  Plan social media and even offline media campaigns to build up to it.  Keep the excitement high in the first weeks after launch, to ensure a steady stream of new visitors.

  1. Analyze and Improve

No website is ever truly finished.  Continue tracking response rates, visitation numbers, and lead generation so that you can tweak the website.  This website analysis is what guarantees increasing ROI on your investment going forward.

Need help?  Whether you’re building your first website, or revamping an existing website, contact our Napa website design and development experts at (707) 681-5096 or click here