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Outdated or Ineffective Website

There is only one chance for a first impression – now, think about your website!

Your website is your window to the world, it is like the high-end front to a brick and mortar store. For every business, it is vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional destination that gives customers this great impression about your business and the motivation to engage more with your business.

We live in a world where people search before they shop, visit review websites and check on social media about the company, their solution and customer satisfaction. Your website is a focal point in the new customer journey. Based on what potential customers experience on your website, they make decisions about whether they will visit your store, reserve a table at a restaurant or call you to learn more about your services.

About 85% of the new shopper’s journey is happening online before engaging directly with a business

In today’s always connected world where between 60-80% of the population in developed countries have smart phones it is possible to search, compare or purchase the very moment we think about it. Strolling down the main shopping street is no longer the way how people check out stores, look for products or services. The complete online presence of a business is at disposal with a fingertip on a shopper’s smart phone or any other connect device, like laptops, desktops or tablets. Because of the always connected smart phone penetration, most of the searches are happening today via mobile phones.

Mobile friendliness is search ranking criteria

Mobile friendliness of a website became a search criteria about 2 years ago to reflect the growing importance of mobile phones in our daily life but specifically in the way how we search. If your website is not mobile ready, most likely your business will not show up or rank high on searches done with a mobile phone. This has a major impact on the lead generation for a business.

No website means losing business, a bad website is even worse

If you don’t have a website, you are missing out on business opportunities and business growth. If you have a bad website, it is better to have no website. A bad website makes your business look bad. If you cannot proudly promote your website that the world sees online, take it down. Let’s be clear, both are bad for business!

Engage a professional website design and development company

When the commercial Internet was launched in 1995, WSI began building websites and we’ve been perfecting our skills ever since. Over two decades and thousands of websites later, we know how to build high-performance websites very cost-effectively.


WSI offers professional website design and development services that addresses the needs for any kind of website related improvements from

  • upgrading content and technology of an existing website,
  • developing mobile ready landing pages for promotions or as interim online presence until a new website is ready,
  • newly designed websites that are all mobile responsive and
  • ongoing security monitoring and maintenance service.

Your Napa based WSI team can help drive business growth through your website. Experience makes a huge difference.  Creating a high-functioning website to meet your business goals is our priority and our specialty.

To learn more, contact your Napa based website experts at (707) 681-5096 or click here
What website solutions can WSI do for your brand?