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Mobile Marketing

“If your plans don’t include mobile, your plans are not finished”

Wendy Clark (SVP Coca-Cola)

With the introduction of internet connected smartphones and the broad availability of cellular data networks and WiFi connections the “always connected user” became a reality over the last decade (Apple announced the first iPhone in January 2007). Beginning of 2017, the smartphone penetration in developed countries is between 60-80% (percentage of population owning a smartphone).  This has significantly changed the way how we search for information, buy products or enjoy entertainment any time and at any place. Today, we can instantaneously access the Internet.

About 75% of US Internet users access the Internet through a mobile device

It is vital for every business to take a mobile first approach to marketing. Why?

  • Over 50% of all searches are done via mobile phone; mobile friendliness of a webpage is a ranking criteria with search engines
  • 70% of mobile searches result in an online action within an hour of the search being conducted
  • 4 out of 5 consumers use their smart phone to shop
  • 50% of mobile users will abandon a webpage if it takes more than 10 seconds to load and 60% will not return to this website
  • 1.15 billion daily mobile sessions on Facebook

What does all of this mean for the digital marketing strategy of a business? Mobile marketing strategies keep your brand perpetually connected with your audience. The rapidly growing popularity that we’ve seen in the last ten years around smartphones and tablets have opened this opportunity to be within arm’s reach of your customers at any given time or place. In addition, you can reach new audiences in new markets multiple times throughout the customer journey (see micro-moments) with a great mobile marketing strategy.

A great mobile marketing strategy has become as much of a necessity to businesses as mobile devices are to your customers.

WSI will develop a customized mobile marketing strategy that facilitates two-way interaction between your business and your audience. WSI’s plan would involve ensuring your properties contain mobile enhanced content and compatibility, leverage location based tracking technologies, full mobile traffic analysis, and even possibly leveraging mobile payment technologies to further enhance your customers’ online experience. Every aspect of your digital marketing strategy has to be mobile ready; a few examples:

  • Webpages and landing pages need to be mobile responsive
  • Emails needs to be easy to read on mobile phones
  • Advertising campaigns need to target mobile devices, leveraging location, in-app advertising opportunity, etc.
  • Each piece of content (e.g. text, pictures, videos, documents, etc.) need to be mobile ready
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